LF Late night raid spot for MoP disc priest

I am looking for guild for MoP, perfer raid times past 9pm server. Didn't PvE to much in cata, did achivement runs for most the raids. Mainly just pvp'd alot and played. Then did some crazy D3 farming for 4 months.

I know in russia guilds find you, but if anyone is on the look out on forums, just message me ingame or mail or post here im on 24/7 caveman#1246 battletag

Also have 10 85's of each class and always stayed geared for alt runs aswell. Always come prepared for raids and helpful, no drama please.
Hey there, I'm recruiting now for my late night MoP progression group, and currently looking for a skilled disc. I added you on battletag, but am soon logging out for the night. If you'd like you can check out my thread on Mal'Ganis forums and see if it'd be something you may be interested in.

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