Destruction is OP , well Chaos Bolt is.

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Paladins...Always Paladins
Imagine that your Exorcism spell now took 3 holy power to cast, and had a 2 second cast time. How often would you actually hit with that?
I'd be angry if my Chaos Bolts were only hitting for 58k...
09/05/2012 05:36 PMPosted by Liance
I'd be angry if my Chaos Bolts were only hitting for 58k...
I almost can't believe that a paladin who can self heal back to 100% from 30% is calling one of our spells OP.
First of all:

Power Torrent, SP Trinket, Dark Soul, GoSac > Chaos Bolt should hit for atleast 60k.

Second of all:

You're a !@#$ing paladin. Pop a shield you ungrateful noob. Rebuke him. HoJ/FoJ him. Repentence him. Pop wings and nuke him.
Chaos bolt finnaly doesnt suck after like 5 years. It actually feels like a...chaos bolt.

Destro locks have terrible survivability. Dont let the warlock get that very long cast off and you will be fine.

Just an FYI.. Chaos Bolt was terrifying in S6-S8. Those were significantly less than 5 years ago.
You think this QQ is bad...i remember in wrath when chaos bolt would pierce a pally bubble...god the QQ could be heard on the moon...AND IT WAS AWESOME!!

I'm ret , and you guys really need a nerf.
Destruction locks critting 50k plus with chaos bolt.
Demonology locks can summon alot of adds , also can regen health quickly , adds do alot of dmg on others , that are hunters or mages.

Problems I have with your post:

1. Destruction locks critting 50k plus with chaos bolt

Yes, we have 1 spell that, if we're ever able to cast without being interrupted, can dish out good DPS. Finally, Destruction Warlocks have something people can be afraid of.

And it's not like we can spam the ability. We have to build up Burning Embers to do it, which can be hard if you're spending most of your time kiting melee.

2. Demonology locks can summon alot of adds...adds do alot of dmg on others

We get 1 perma-add, and have two cooldowns (1 requiring a glyph, 1 requiring a talent) that can summon additional adds temporarily. However, you might have noticed that our adds are fairly weak in the survivability department. Last time I played Demonology, my pet had something like 56k hp.

Edit: Forgot to mention that we do have a 3rd on-cooldown add we can summon (Infernal or Doomguard). However, if anyone actually has to use those in a duel to win then they should honestly re-roll a Mage.

3. ...also can regen health quickly

A Paladin is complaining about Warlock health regen/healing? REALLY!?

Paladins have the ability to offheal themselves in PvP, grant themselves temporary invincibility while they heal themselves up, and have an instant 100% heal button (LoH). Effectively this means that if you're dueling a Paladin who has all CDs reset, you have to almost kill them at least three times (once before cooldowns, once after they bubble-heal, once after LoH).

Hell, I've even dueled against a Ret pally who was able to fire off a 100k (crit) Word of Glory.

Your point here is moot.
Makes me laugh...other classes have got more and more self healing...and at the same time they constantly nerf lock self healing...oh wells we still rock their balls
Haha yeah havent tested it out in pvp but if i hit under 100k with chaos bolt somethings wrong, and i have pretty crappy gear :P
Its funny that he's complaining about a CB that didn't even crit him for 60k. I think the guy I crit for 222k with CB in Battle for Gilneas earlier tonight has more right to complain.
chaos bolt is all destro has... the other 2 specs have more cc and you're talking about a long hard cast and ember build up to cast in the first place. chaos bolt has to be a good nuke or no one would play destro, as there would be no reason to.
If you get hit by a Chaos Bolt.. You're fail, plain and simple. Retardedly long cast time and limited amount of times.
Shut the &%*& up donny... Erm Pallysrus.
mages and hunters have just as much, if not more, burst than locks... and do not need to build up embers and have a long cast to do so

quit qqing
nope,its fine.
Oh god really? The cast time on Chaos Bolts are so long. You couldn't interrupt it? And coming from a Paladin you should be ashamed of yourself. Cry More :)

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