WTS - Darkmoon Rabbit

Hey all, i was lucky enough to get one of the first ones and i'm attempting to sell it, currently it's listed for 300k on the AH but i'll take the best (serious offer) as well.... based on it's spawn rate 48hrs you are looking at maybe 3 a mth, so about 36 a year, you can find a pic of it here, I jumped the price on this, after killing it again tonight the pet has become a BoP on a need roll making this pet even more rare.... thanks blizzard :)


any questions feel free to in-game mail, whisper or post here.


Xpac is in 17 days... Unless your one of the dumbest people that play wow they will wait and go get it at lvl 90. No matter if it's BoP or BoE or BoA, it's never going to be worth even half that much. You're better off dropping the price to atleast 20-50k seeing as not even the Macaw was selling for more then before the drop rate was changed.

If you do sell it for that lmao gratz to finding someone that dumb. I will wait till 90 and go kill it with less then a group.
See fenk, the reason why your plan isn't really good is that there will be about 5 other groups at any given time standing outside that cave. And even if you kill it, you still have to win the roll. This isn't like the macaw where infinite can drop at any time and it's just a matter of luck. And assuming he's right about the respawn rate, the chances of getting one are extremely low.

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