[A-25M] US18--Fallen II--5/16 HM LFM

getting ready for mop!
US 31 go go:)
raid so early =[
10/07/2012 12:10 PMPosted by Tyrosa
raid so early =[

A large part of our guild is not actually on the west coast. Several are East and I know at least 5 of us are central, myself included.

Kind of odd since we have always been on an west coast server.
Omg a guild recruiting dps warriors???? SIGN MEH UP
I miss you dudes. cept for poorguy the angry stepdad
Wow, group up Doc.
First, are you guys considered a (raiding) guild?
If so, then I saw a warrior looking for a raiding guild in trade chat.
I'll send him your way.
xD have you seen their videos? Seems like they were having a good time, hardly an elitist guild. My brother said they give basically anyone a chance if they have a hint of skill.
Well that was just from what I've heard and read on the forums. There was a post about a week ago saying some stuff about why they swapped from their old server, and maybe it gave a bad impression.
lol kynaris believes every troll he reads

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