Strength vs PvP Power

After posting the numbers for mages in the mage forums, I got a request to run the numbers for warriors, so here it is:

(Keep in mind that all of the "theorists" saying stacking PvP Power is always best are talking out o their !@#.)

This is assuming full buffs:
Strength always increases attack power by 2.31
PvP Power always increases damage by ~.0126%

This implies that PvP Power gets more beneficial as you get more and more attack power.
There is a breakpoint between the two stats:

The breakpoint comes out to be:
18,333 Attack Power

Until this point, Str will *ALWAYS* grant a higher DPS bonus than PvP Power.
After this point PvP Power will *SOMETIMES* grant a higher DPS bonus than Strength.

When PvP Power starts being added, the equation becomes:
where YYY represents the percentage of PvP Power already on your gear.

The numbers demonstrate that past 18,333 Attack Power (fully buffed) the best method of improving gear will be to add 3 points of PvP Power for every 1 additional point of Strength.

The easiest way to achieve this is the place PvP Power gems in Blue Slots, PvP Power gems in purple slots, STR/PvP Power gems in Red slots and STR/(Favored Secondary) in Yellow slots.

Hope this helps!
Keep in mind this math is very specific to level 85.

It seems as though the relative balance between STR and PvP Power will be maintained through level 90, but the coefficients will likely be different and the breakpoint will naturally be much higher.

I will do my best to update all numbers with level 90 coefficients once Mists is released.
Thanks a bunch Garithel!
Thanks for the math sir
18.3k AP sounds like a ton... admittedly, I'm not decked out in full Cata gear yet, but even so, with Battle Shout I'm barely on 13.5k... but I guess this answer my question in my own thread :)

Back to strength it is...
what do you mean by "Purple slot" in your first post??? there's only red blue and yellow

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