CoH Refugee looking for a home

I am a longtime CoH player. FYI they pulled the plug, and I mean yanked it from the wall, socket and all.

So I am trying WoW for the 1st time. I plan to level a Forsaken Warrior up, probably almost all by questing, so I can learn the game. I have a lot of questions, and really the newb now. sigh.

I joined a guild that sent a blind invite. I think they are mass recruiting that way, if i had to guess.

I have no idea what the benefit(s) of guild membership are, but I am sure there are a few. If Wow is anything like CoH having an active guild is both a good community and a mutually beneficial relationship for the player and the guild.

I am looking for an established guild with a solid group of mature players who have a good sense of humor. Please send me a message or post here if you think I would be a good fit for your guild.

I am a mature player with a dry sense of humor who can follow instructions, but can be confused at times. I tend to like heavy melee characters while not loving tanking. I'll be checking this thread over the next few days and gaming on Mortimax most of both days as well.
Hey of you are looking for a helpful group, Diablerie is a laidback group that always has someone leveling a toon. We are a smaller guild with primarily evening activity (7p-12a server is most active)

We would love to have a few more people looking for a cool place to play.

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