Old Toons not being deleted in Armory

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Everytime i log on to wow website or the armory app, i have 2 very very old characters that i deleted about 8 - 10 months ago and they are still showing up. Now i re rolled 2 of the same toons and then deleted them to maybe clear out a cache thingy but to no avail , other toons have been removed on other servers no problems.. so is there any way on your end to delete the toons named Coldfaith (23), and Feardeath (15) they are both on draka server but only on wow armory and wow.com .. ty

When i log on to wow website it shows my main character stonecracker, now theres a little arrow facing down next to his name and when you click on that it shows a list of chracters, the characters that i want removed are Coldfaith 23 priest, Feardeath 15 warlock, these characters were deleted i wanna say about a 8-10 months ago, this is the same issue i have on wow mobile app as well. When you click on manage characters it still shows those two characters still on the list. Ive tried everything, clearing out my cache, history, etc etc, i dont know what to do.

pss. i already submited a ticket and they told me to post here so i basically did a copy and paste .... i even gave them a screen shot as well. Thank you
Support Guys are you there ?
really ... nothing
Occasionally, deleted characters can be found in your character list
I have the same problem. Hopefully blizzard will fix it one day. Lol

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