Civ RP ((OOC Discussion))

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Hello everyone. Most know me as I've been around for a while but I digress I am here looking to see how much interest there is in doing a Nation RP which I find fun and since we haven't had one in a while feel like we need to do it.

For me I feel like I want a less of a formulated system and one without any moderators where we just let the RP flow and have discussions OOCly about combat and such things. I honestly just want to RP nations and blow things up ^.^
I would love to do a nations rp, it was a shame that your old one, died out the way it did.

On an unrelated note, you posted in my brainstorming thread a few days ago, did you want to join it or we're you just stopping by and saying hello?
Eh not too interested now and this should be fun as long as people aren't crazy and there is enough interest.

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