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Moon Guard
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The young sentinel stood her ground, laying in wait with the rest of her sisters. They were positioned on a ridge overlooking a horde supply line, waiting for the nearby caravan to pass through. She knew the other half of their forces were on the opposite ridge, waiting as she was. She fidgets slightly, the slight movement barely noticeable from the movement of the leaves rustling in the night wind yet a pair of silver eyes flashed for a moment in her direction, causing her to still. She was nervous, eager, excited but full of apprehension. This was her first blood, the first battle since she joined The Moonblade. She was still what they called 'unmarked', not yet a full member. She remembers her trials, her achievements, her goals, all of them seemed small in the face of the coming battle, yet she held on to them dearly.

She feels her heart flutter again with a mix of excitement and dread. She looks for her mentor, the one taking her through her trials, and feels a hand upon her shoulder, steadying her slightly. Without words they seemed to speak, the young woman suddenly remembering everything she was fighting for, that her sisters were fighting for; honor, tradition, vengeance, all for her people, all for the kaldorei. She hears the wheels of a kodo-pulled cart coming up through the pass, the heavy footfalls of orc soldiers, the tiny patter of goblin strides, the clop of tauren hooves. She smells them. They were almost in position.

For that one second before the call she was flooded with thoughts, images and voices. She remembered the pain of failing her one trial, the thrill of passing it after another attempt, the voices of her sisters cheering as she does so, their smiles, the sisterhood she was becoming part of taking her one step closer to becoming a full member. She runs her fingers over the drawstring over her bow, a weapon she crafted herself, as all Moonblade did, and her fingers lightly brush the raven feather fletching. She had named it, she could feel the bow ready itself for battle. She heard one last footfall, the clink of armor, the sigh of an exhale, and in that moment she heard it, the faint whistle of a bird call.

She stood up in tandem with her sisters, like a single being, a flood of movement. As they took a step from around their cover the sentinel saw the other half of the force do the same across the gap. Everything had slowed down, her bow lowering, the arrow pulling back, the throng of Horde filth coming into sight all at a maddeningly slow rate. She felt her sisters, the front line soldiers catapult themselves off the edge, shields raised, and she saw the foot soldiers on the other side come down as well, a wave of steel and bulwarks seconds from crashing down upon the caravan. In all their minds the same words rang, as if it were being shouted to the moon glowing above: "For The Moonblade! For truth! For Darnassus!"

And with that she released her arrow.

The Moonblade is a level 25 Night Elf military guild formed on February 10th, 2010, that focuses on traditional Night Elf culture, warfare and beliefs. The unit consists mostly of elite soldiers, hit-and-run raiders, trackers, jailors and shock troops, all geared toward the defense of the Night Elf homeland and the destruction of the Horde and all of Darnassus' enemies.

The guild has a focus on character progression, both IC and OOC, off and on the battlefield. When you're in the guild you can expect:

  • Character progression by way of trials and roleplay with your fellow sisters/brothers-in-arms
  • PVP-RP in the form of skirmishes, battles, raids on enemy bases, all using Night Elf tactics
  • PVE-RP using dungeons, bosses and scenarios to advance the guild's plot
  • Hunts involving animals, demons and sentients, tracking down enemies of the Kaldorei
  • Traditional Kaldorei roleplay, pulling from the Night Elf culture and lore, inspired by the Warcraft 3 Night Elf army
  • An excellent group of people, both IC and OOC, with freedom within the guild to host your own events and progress through your character's story
  • Lots of help and aid while leveling, dungeoning and PVPing
  • .
    We specifically look for people who enjoy roleplay primarily. We offer help to any and all people new to Night Elf roleplay. PVP and PVE are encouraged but not mandatory, roleplay is what we want to promote most of all!

    To join you must be a Night Elf of level 20 or higher. You're able to contact the guild earlier and reserve a spot, allowing you an interview the moment you hit our minimum level requirements.

    We currently take female Priests, Rogues, Hunters and Warriors and male/female Druids regularly. If you are a mage (specifically a Highborne) you will need to speak to an officer in order to learn the details on entering the unit, as we like to promote a dislike for the arcane and mistrust of the Highborne. We regret to say that we do not take Death Knights or any non-Night Elf race.

    Our application form, guild rules and information can be found on our website:

    Thank you for reading! If you have any questions post them here or contact Melyria or Kalaryia in game.

    Note: "All Night Elf" is true considering that any non-elf alts are currently for the 'Classy' Achievements and are the alts of the GM or officers and will be removed when their role for the achievement is done.
    Recent News

    With the coming of Mists of Pandaria, The Moonblade is looking for Night Elf monks to join the guild. The monks, like much of the unit, should be female.

    Whisper Melyria in game for details while we hammer out specifics. When they are determined they will be posted here and on our site.
    Stories and Written Work

    Past Events
    Thor'mush'a's Rebirth:

    Justice at Any Cost:
    Villains, Vengeance and Vows:
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    *Suddenly, Blood Elves!*

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    *hugs Kalymoo*

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    What we lack in posture, we make up for in being better in every other way.
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    What we lack in posture, we make up for in being better in every other way.

    Male Trolls > Male Night Elves
    Female Night Elves > Female Trolls

    That's about it.

    Mely is an adorable panda. Courtesy of Hozak.

    Mely is an adorable panda. Courtesy of Hozak.

    *head explodes into candy and rainbows*

    Mely is an adorable panda. Courtesy of Hozak.

    *head explodes into candy and rainbows*

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