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So I'm wanting to RP this character. I'm an experienced roleplayer, but I only have a vague understanding of orc lore. So far, I know that he's pretty old; probably a little over a hundred. He barely remembers life on Draenor, but he's aware of it's happening, and his people's assault on the draenei people. Secondly, I know that he died somewhere in his middle-ages and was risen as scourge.

And that's all I got. I don't know where or how he died, so here are my questions; when did orcs come in contact with the scourge? Is there a specific area where a fallen orc would've been raised? And how old would my character be if he experienced life on draenor from the very start?
Oh hey I just saw you.
Also, undead do not age while dead.
Whelp, the orcs first started being manipulated by the Legion about 40 years before the Dark Portal opened, but I think it was a few decades later that they fell under their complete control and began slaughtering the Draenei. His first exposure to the undead could have been about 20 years after the Dark Portal opened, but there are no sources that indicate that any orcs were raised as DKs at this time (trust me this is only going to lead to a long, drawn out debate if you make him a second gen. DK.) The most likely scenario is that he was killed and raised 27-ish years after the Dark Portal opened, when Arthas was starting to move against the living again. It was at this time that DKs were being mass produced in Eastern Plaguelands to attack the Scarlets and the Argents (this would make him a third gen. DK.)

Sources if you want to do your own reading on it-,_2007)

Hope this helps. ^_^

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