Bad Example is recruiting!

Name: Bad Example
Realm: Stormreaver
Faction: Alliance

Large/Active level 25 guild.
Each of our raid teams are Progression Minded.

  • Raiders
  • Fill-in Raiders
  • Casual Players
  • PvPers
  • We offer:
  • Guild Bank repairs
  • Guild Website
  • Guild facebook page
  • Mumble Voice service
  • Expect to see:
  • Core Raid Groups
  • Weekly Alt Raids (for non-core members/alts)
  • Transmog Runs
  • Achievement Runs
  • Dungeon Runs
  • Battle Grounds
  • Arenas
  • If you're interested in joining us, or you're looking for more information please visit us at:
    Looking for fun, yet mature members to join us!
    We communicate through Mumble. Yes, our voice server is always active! < For more info/recruitment
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    We're an exceptional guild if I do say so myself
    Setting up our RBG team again! Should be fun!
    SHOULD BE FUN? Of course its going to be a BLAST!

    -bump- :3
    All I know is, I joined this guild back in Feb. and they have been nothing but amazing! JOIN US!
    if i move my shaman over to this relam in the near future ill be sure to hit u guys up.
    bumpity :)
    eh Mingey is aight
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    Still looking for more active players to join us for MoP!

  • Raiders
  • PvPers
  • Casual Players
  • Bump!!!! Meh!
    Eat dat chicken! Only black guy in the guild here! awesome guild join for fun! YOU AINT BOUT DAT LIFE
    Our Morning Raid Team is recruiting!

    Tanks (Open): Druid, DK, Warrior or Monk
    Healers (Open): Priest, Paladin or Monk
    Range DPS (Open): Druid, Mage, Shaman or Hunter
    Melee DPS (Open): Paladin, Rogue, DK, Warrior, Druid or Monk

    Raid Schedule:

    Tuesday & Thursday

    8:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CST)

    Contact Stellaluna or Baleos in-game or fill out an online application.
    Tank position is filled!

    Still need healers and DPS!
    lol Ayani

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