[A] <Reciprocity> - 10 man raid guild

Reciprocity is a newly transferred guild. We're currently made up of a few friends who met in game and have enjoyed raiding together over the past 4-5 years. We're looking to invite others to enjoy the fun!

We have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, filled with helpful people who enjoy working with guildies on a regular basis. We're focused on 10 man raiding and have openings for promising candidates for most any role. We don't require any particular level of experience, but all our raiders must be proficient at playing their class and willing to listen to feedback from others. Any advice offered will be done so with the only intent to be to improve our raid overall.

The main goal is to enjoy progression raiding in a friendly, team oriented environment. Heroic content is what we're aiming for, and we'd like to build a strong team to advance with.

Feel free to send me in game mail or a whisper with any questions. You can also whisper me on one of my alts: Kierlani, Kendryn, Elaiya or Daiboshi. Or feel free to contact our raid leader on one of his chars: Myrenia, Zarania, Kyrenia or Ellindre. (and really that's just naming a few chars for each of us.....altaholics...)

I'll keep an eye on this thread as well. Looking forward to hearing from you in game!
Still looking for people interested in raiding in MoP.

Raid times are looking to be Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11

Looking for a tank, ranged dps, and healers.
any room for an enhance shaman? *whimpers*
<3 you West

We miss you!

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