[H] Barthilas LF Raid Leader; Casual Group

Oceanic Guild Recruitment

TLP is looking for a new Raid Leader to take into MoP. We are a relatively new guild (nearly 12 months) for social, friendly players. While as guild we haven't booked down any guild kills, this is due to only starting raid team up in last few months and lack of guild numbers.

About me:

I have been GM for 2 different guilds, and officer for 2 years. Throughout cata I Lead raids both guild and pug raid and raided 4-6 days a week. Coming into MoP I am looking to take a step down and take my time with the content and enjoy the wonders of Azeroth.

About the Guild:

The Lost Prophecy aims to provide a friendly welcoming environment to all players regardless of wether they PvP, PvE or just like social levelling. We have vent and guild forums. We try weekly competitions either in game, or forum based. Guild Leadership is 3 tier, going from GM>Guild Officers>Team Leaders


As team leader you will be resonsible for:
  • Ensuring your PvE roster is full and assisting Team in gearing and learning encounters
  • Planning for raids and ensuring flasks and food are provided.
  • Provide feedback to Team on performance.
  • Ensure that guild rules are enforced and leading by example.
  • Most importantly; promoting a friendly, suportave envrioment.
  • How to Apply:

    You can either send me an in-game mail, or send me a message via our forums at: http://thelostprophecy.enjin.com.

    Any easy questions just post here.

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