Emerald Tavern

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Ok first of all even though it's a tavern it's also an inn and is opened day in night, everyone is welcomed but you must follow the rules.
1. If you make a mess or break something you clean it.
2.If you need something ask.
3.Leave the fire in the fireplace alone.
4. Don't start a fire.
Well that's all, have fun.
/cleans the counter
Rules? I'm a warlock of the dark arts!

/felflames tavern to cinders.

/shoos him out
*hops up and down*

um, may I have a step-stool to reach my seat?
/gets a step stool
/sets it by his seat
If you need anything else just ask.
Oh and don't anger the guard.
/points to Zaralirra
/gets a step stool
/sets it by his seat
If you need anything else just asked.

Is that stool made of stone, or is it some powerful being from the Nether who can resist fire?

Oh, and I would like some mutton.
Ok... just don't set things on fire.
/hands him some mutton
/mixes a few drinks
/samples each mixed drinks
/writes it down on a sheet of paper
*hooks a mug from across the bar with his fishing pole and yanks it into his hands*
I grab a bottle of rum without asking, break it on the nearby table, then take a dump in the fireplace.

The stool then ignites.
Oh my, I pop in to the forums to see what QQ abounds, and I find a tavern. How pleasant!
I'll have a glass of Dalaran Red and a bucket of popcorn.
Very well.
/hands her a Dalaran Red and a busket of popcorn
*noms on the popcorn and takes a seat to watch.* This is going to be fun. Trust me, I'm an expert.
Why does it smell like burning turds in here?
So, about these sexy new forums...
Arnt they sexy?
I'm a simple elf, a nice Guiness and some fried mushrooms are all I need.

I promise I will control my fire spells and not cause any undue mischief, dear Tanthe.
I'd like a tankard of your darkest beer and some nuts for my ghoul.
/starts noming the Mutton

This mutton is kinda raw...

/felflames mutton

/continues eating the mutton

/gets a chump of mutton impaled by his left tusk..

Don't you laugh at me!

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