[MoP] Compilation of the Black Harvest

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Bump / STICKY this thing already!
How are these not sticky yet !
11/25/2012 05:42 AMPosted by Kilswittch
How are these not sticky yet !

I know, it's amazing. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Daily bump
Whyvette's Panda-Monium Levelling Guide
This is a great quick reference for newer 'locks looking to get started. Whyvette as a rather exhaustive list of every ability we learn, each with a short 1-2 sentence description and other information.

Thank you for referencing me. Blizzard doesn't seem to sticky my Warlock levelling guides.
BTW, this is another one from a few posters (myself included for recent additions) that details the sordid history of our fear:


Of course this one has been years and years in the making and is dated from 2011 with some edits (because, yeah, patches).
Requested sticky and will read next time I try not to suck at playing Warlock :(

Good Lord - Who's in charge here - Mickey Mouse?!!!

Every page of this thread has a sticky request because it's a fine piece of work and deserves nothing less.

C'mon moderators - get your A's into gear. CHOP-CHOP please


Missy =)
Requested... Nice read
I don't even like warlocks. Bump.
Sheesh, this is still isn't stickied???
This guide needs to be stickied.
Requested sticky, thanks I just rolled a lock.
Sticky requested, this is a real asset to the lock community which is often so bleak when it comes to documented and up to date guidance.

Mods please wake up
11/28/2012 08:03 PMPosted by Soulsbane
Mods please wake up

I will pay Blizzard to make this a sticky. I am getting to that point here.
Definition of Bane


a: obsolete: killer, slayer

b: poison

c: death, destruction

d: woe


: a source of harm or ruin : curse
Love this guide keep the comments coming they'll see eventually
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