A little background info about myself. I am 25 years old and live on the east coast. I have been raiding hardcore since about naxx in WoTLK. I raided back in TBC but very seldom due to tours over in Iraq. In Cataclysm I was with a top 3 raid guild on Area 52 who ended up moving to stormrage. Since then we went 11/13 HM pre-nerf in t11, 6/7 pre nerf t12. After T12 that guild disbanded and reformed. Once the guild reformed I became and officer of that guild and we went to a quick 6/8 hm after only 2 weeks of the reformed 10m. After about 2 more weeks we went 7/8HM and then the guild leader and raid leader decided to call it quits for good. After which I moved to my current guild which I got the final 8/8. I have been raiding 8/8HM for months now with them and have been apart of selling mount runs and etc with them. The guild leader and an officer got into contact with me tonight and told me that they would be raiding past my available times so I am now looking for a new home for HARD MODE MoP raiding.

Progression for cataclysm:
T11: 11/13 HM pre-t12
T12: 6/7 HM pre-nerf, 7/7 after nerf to rag.
T13: 8/8 HM

Available raid times: All times are EASTERN. Don't contact me if I cannot make your times.
Monday: 630-10pm EST
Tuesday: 630-10pm EST
Wednesday: 630-10pm EST
Thursday: 630-10pm EST
Friday: usually not available could make an exception
Saturday: cannot raid
Sunday: usually not available could make an exception

I have held an officers position before and I am very determined raider. I will be available almost 99% of the time unless an emergency comes up. If something does come up I will always make every effort to notify the proper guild leadership that I will not be able to make raids. I am a vocal player, I know my !@#$ and I always study videos, study gear setups and study rotations and etc. I am big on knowing my class and I am always in tune to new ideas on how to be a better player. I will not fight and argue and I will not cause drama within the guild ever.

I am not leaving on build terms from my current guild at all I just can no longer make their raid times that are coming about in MoP. The guild i am in is #6 on Stormrage for 10m's. I am willing to play with either a 10m or a 25m my computer can handle either very well and my connection is completely stable. My current guild officers and guild leader are willing to give a good reference about me if anyone is interested in speaking with them about my progress within my current guild.

Battletag is: Shamestia#1544 if anyone wants to get ahold of me.
Please leave a response here if anyone is interested. Thank you.
Add me on battletag. Let's chat. Cal#1704
Added you.

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