Archaeology: Skill ups after 500

I've recently been leveling Archaeology and hit 500 right around the time of patch 5.0.4. While I really like the increased number of artifacts per digsite, the problem is now I am only getting 1 skill point for each solved common *and rare* artifact instead of the 5 and 15 i was getting previously. Is this normal after level 500 or is it an offshoot of the patch 5.0.4 change? It is frustratingly turning what is already a slow process into what seems like an eternity. I do hope that when leveling Archaeology in Mists from 525 to 600 it returns to the normal 5 skill points per artifact.

All professions are already tuned for MoP, which means skill-ups will not come easy until we hit the first batch of MoP stuffs.

It will be nearly impossible to get past 500 until MoP is released.
Gah! You have to be kidding me. I've been trying to max out Archaeology and it's taking forever to get these last 3 points. The grind past 500 was stupidly long too... Now I know why.
Prior to the launch of MoP I have decided to finish up my Archaeology on my main. I found the changes made, such as increased fragments and 6 digs per site made the process much less painful.

Then I read on the forums that another, unadvertised, change had been made, to prevent people storing up solves to power level through the MoP Archaeology.

While I understand the need to stop people from cheating the system I find this "quick fix" very frustrating. Why penalise players trying to get past 500, why not make the old world solves stop skilling up after 525?

Yes once MoP lands this problem will go away, but players should not have to wait for an entire month to be able to finish out a profession without ridiculous levels of grinding.
All professions are already tuned for MoP, which means skill-ups will not come easy until we hit the first batch of MoP stuffs.

It will be nearly impossible to get past 500 until MoP is released.

This isn't entirely true. I just leveled this guy last week to get the mount recipe, and it did take a little while from 500-525, but not all that long. Skill ups after 500 seem to be totally random though, I got all of my points from white items, even though I solved a couple of rares.
[13:39:20] You create: [Cinnabar Bijou].
[13:39:20] Your skill in Archaeology has increased to 500.
[13:39:26] You create: [Clockwork Gnome].
(100 fragment item should be at least 10 skill points) WTH?
[13:39:26] Your skill in Archaeology has increased to 501.
[13:39:33] You create: [Silver Neck Torc].
[13:39:33] Your skill in Archaeology has increased to 502.
[13:41:41] You create: [Scorched Staff of Shadow Priest Anund].
[13:41:41] Your skill in Archaeology has increased to 503.

Really? 1 skill up? is this a bug? or is this 'working as intended'?

If this is 'working as intended', then what other 'screw you' new features does Blizzard have in this new expansion? Or is this a bait and switch when they suck us in with nice reasonable skill ups and progress then slam us in the face with a damn brick?

I logged a ticket on this, hoping to get an official answer. Here is the text of the ticket I submitted:

"My archaeology is bugged. I have leveled archaeology on other characters prior to the 5.0.4 patch. Anyhow, I was receiving 5 levels per common item combine up to 504 (last combine was from 499 to 504), but have only been receiving 1 level per combine since then. I didn't read anything about this change in the patch notes. Please help!"

Pretty straightforward. I was hoping to hear something official, whether this was intended, a bug, etc. Here is the official response I received from a GM:


Thank you for contacting the Game Master Department. We apologize that the wait has been so long.

First, Blizzard Support does not provide game hints. Second, we've looked over the information you've provided in your ticket, and feel that you may be able to find the answer you're looking for on one of our official fansites. Below are some great resources for quest information, gameplay hints, and even some basic help on playing your character:

Your fellow players - many players have had or asked the same questions you have.

The Blizzard Forums or other discussion groups. - Wowhead features enormous amounts of user-driven information, through basic game information, comments on database entries and screenshot submissions! The site also features forums, where users can ask questions, discuss important World of Warcraft-related topics, recommend and share favorite addons, and much more. - Wowpedia is a wiki dedicated to cataloging the Warcraft universe (with a focus, though not priority, on World of Warcraft); covering the entire Warcraft series of games, RPG reference books, strategy guides, novels, comics (manga and otherwise), and other sources.

We hope these resources can help guide you to the answer you're looking for. Thank you again for contacting us.

Blizzard Entertainment"

So, the official word on this is, that Blizzard isn't saying whether this is intended or not, and that I might find more information on this issue if I check the forums or fan sites, because other people are complaining about it, too. The problem is that yes, we have noticed the problem, and we have speculated on what might be causing the problem, but when asked, Blizzard isn't going to tell us anything because that would be considered giving away game "hints".

Customer Service fail.
Sadly, I"m getting more and more form letter answers which proves to me that quite often they DON'T read the damn tickets they are just stamping them as 'answered' by shoving out that form answer.
I have leveled Archaeology on the BETA and just so you know, you only get 3 points per common or rare in MoP and thus need to solve 25 artifacts to level from 525 to 600.

I totally agree with the comments re FAIL customer support as I just recently opened a ticket asking about an issue on Cross Realm zoning and got a quite polite s t f u FORM reply stating that I must go through another channel to submit a bug report instead of them answering my question.
That is terrible customer service. Go to our "fan sites" or "ask other players", really? Garbage. Put it in the patch notes or own the issue if it is a mistake. If it is a policy of Blizzards they fail and if it is the employee I suggest a new line of work as they appear incompetent at best and complete morons at worst. Changes happen and this patch had a lot not supporting your customer base and giving answers like this are a great way to alienate customers and send them seeking other games.
09/07/2012 07:32 PMPosted by Thräm
Sadly, I"m getting more and more form letter answers which proves to me that quite often they DON'T read the damn tickets they are just stamping them as 'answered' by shoving out that form answer.

Having worked as a moderator on another site, the form response is generally the best way to go if you want uniform responses regardless of the person handling the ticket. We constantly had problems with inconsistent responses; one moderator giving no feedback at all, another giving way too much information including things the users were not intended to know, another giving basically the correct information but poorly worded due to speaking Dutch as their primary language, etc.
Can't get above 510 :(
Conermccowd, I have played WoW since the beginning and I know what you mean. However, when you have already leveled on archaeologist and you got 5 pts per solve for 500-525 and then you try to level another and you get stuck at 511 and solve 4 artifacts without one single skill point, that is a problem no matter when you started playing. I think what people are complaining most about though is that Blizz Customer Service is stinking right now. All it would take is a simple answer of "Yes, that is just how it is....sorry." or "No, it's a bug and we are working on fixing it." Not "Thanks for letting us know you have a question. Please look somewhere else for the answer."
Here is my ticket from 11 hours ago. To bad they couldn't post or give this answer on the forums, might save them from some tickets

Barksuptrees, diffrent locations in game. Combines from archaeology. over last 24-48 hours, including 3 in a row from troll combines.In the last 48 hours, when I have been doing archaeology combines, I have not received ticks on atleast 7 combines, is this a bug with the system?

and here is the responce from :
Suibhnaireal Customer Service Representative

Greetings Barksuptrees !
Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department. I apologize for the wait and that I wasn't able to reach you while you were onlineI understand the time you devote to professions, and then they break :-( We definately understand. As making a game takes time, fixing issues that come up in the game can take some time as well. We have recently had that as a known issue. So the Developers are working on a solution for this issue. I cannot give you an accurate time frame as to when this issue will get fixed. I want to take the time to thank you for your patience, we appreciate it. :-)
The development team is aware of this issue and we are currently working on a solution and we want to get these issues taken care of as soon as possible. We will post any new workarounds, hotfix ETA’s, or in-game developments on the forums as soon as they are available ( do not hesitate to contact us in the future for anything that you may need. We appreciate your patience and hope to fix this issue soon. Regards,
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)Game Master Suibhnaireal(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•´ ¸.•´
Customer Services
Logged a second ticket on this issue and actually got to speak with a GM in chat. He told me that they (GMs) don't know whether the developers are aware of the issue or not (the GMs aren't privy to that sort of communication... his words, not mine), but that the GMs are certainly aware of the issue. Then, later in the conversation (after posting links to articles on this forum and on other fan sites), he told me that the developers are still trying to get a handle on the severity of the issue... whether it is only a few people impacted or if it is happening to everyone. Double-speak, right? Either the developers know about this or they don't... how can they be trying to figure out the severity if an issue they know nothing about. He told me that my best response to the issue is to submit a Bug Report in-game. So I did. I'd suggest everyone else experiencing this issue to do the same.
I'd just like to know if this is an intended change in preparation for the release of Mists (and new server firsts). Also, regardless of whether it was intentional or not, I'd like to know if it'll be reversed back to commons giving five skill ups and rares giving fifteen skill ups at some point in the future.

If it will be reversed after server firsts, then huzzah! I can wait to solve my fragments :3 If it will not be reversed ever at all, then forget this archaeology stuff >_< (At least on alts, that is XD)
Well, I still got +5 at the Darkmoon Faire! (Thank goodness I already had my main fully leveled).

What happened is that you can probably now dig Pandaren sites at 500. So you'll need to go to Pandaria on the 25th and dig. You'll get leveled up in no time.
Decided to level my arch up for the achieve on all toons, then ran into this issue. Didn't bother submitting a ticket after reading this thread. I'm very disappointed in blizzard.
I am suffering from this issue as well. Fix it blizz.

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