Looking for MOP home.

As seems to be the custom lately I have come to the forums to put a looking for guild/raid team post. This is on behalf of myself and my bud that came to this amazing server with me a few months back.

A little background on us. We both have been playing this silly game for quite some time. We were on Doomhammer to start off but sadly it died off horde side. So we pseudo bounced around for a bit. We ended up doing some research and decided to setup shop here on Proudmoore. It turned out to be an amazing place. We are excited to be here for MOP. Which leads us to our current need. We are both seasoned players that are looking for a solid raid team to join for MOP.

We both have mostly healed on a variety of toons. We have also dps'ed. Neither one of us has tanked in a raid but with the new monks coming out I could see myself tanking if a team needed me. We are both incredibly flexible and are comfortable on any number of toons. Depending on the situation we could play any number of roles for a raid team.
So in order of preference it would go heal>dps> tank.

We are looking for a team that raids 2 nights a week. We cannot raid on mondays (as I have class that night) Also raids that start at 6:30 PM server or later.

We are looking for a mature team. No rage over vent/mumble over pixels. We are looking for something casual yet focused. We are also looking for a mature guild. If ya have members being trolls/morons in trade chat, guild chat, etc. then we will not be a good fit for ya.

Lastly thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this post. It is greatly appreciated. If we sound like we could be a good fit for ya feel free to send an in game mail to this toon so we can talk. Have a nice day.
Guild Name: Edge of Eternity
Website: http://raiding.nstars.org/
Primary Focus: "casual" raiding progression:
Raid Times Tue- Wed starts 7-utc pm server usually about 10pmst
Role Playing: ZIP
Officers: Hecklar, wickedwanda, Bronhann pretty much enyone in EOE can point you in the right direction
Recruiting: Always

Any specifics: We are in need of more raid healer mains (meaning those who actually enjoy it), we do not force people to do the same role each week however if you wish to raid consistently its better that you do. Involving KNOW YOUR CLASS! topcis, we do not enforce that as well, as people are always learning however be proficient in your class, and you should be willing to learn, that's most important.

ADD-ONS: Recommended: ~Deadly Boss Mods for Cataclysm, be sure to be updated, doesn't hurt to have older WotLK DBM as well. ~Omen for threat meters. ~Recount for damage calculations. ~Class specific addons are needed, but at your own discretion
Hi Salvages,

In case you have not found a home, you might check us out.

Currently we raid at 6 server time, but with MoP coming, we are planning on more than 1 raid team and I know some people would prefer a little later start, so anything is posible. Anyway see what you think of us.

We are a level 25 guild that is friendly and helpful. We are semi-serious raiders, not hardcore and when we raid it is aas a group, because their is no me or I in team! Our guild is made up of all ages of adults, with one or two younger teens who are the children of members. We are a mature, laid back, sociable guild and our members play for a wide variety of reasons, some like raiding, some pvp, some questing, some just go for the achievements.

Currently we have 2 raid teams, one is Friday/Saturday the other is Sunday. However with MoP release we are hoping for more teams. We have members who have expressed a desire to raid on weeknights, as well as those who would like to raid every night, LOL. Many members have their alts in the guild and so are able to raid on more than 1 team or switch toons to better help the guild raid for that night.

You can check us out at strangelyironic.freeforums.org and fill out an app if you are interested. We welcome everyone, all classes and all races (cept horde LOL).

We are actually not even technically recruiting, but your post sounds like such a perfect fit for us, and we had two spots open up on our team recently... So I had to say hi.

A little about us: We have experienced some success (15th on the server in T11) an some struggles (revolving door of healers in FL set us way back) but one thing that hasn't changed is a distinct lack of drama. We pride ourselves on culture above "leet status ZOMG". We'll be after top ten for MoP but refuse to sacrifice the fun, laid back vibe we all enjoy to do so.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 to 10:30. If you'd like to know more contact any [color]hand in the guild (those are all me) or any of our officers, Tityos, Anständig, Xyathyr or Guladian.

Thanks, I hope we can chat soon!


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