Cross realm horde killing NON FLAGGED players

Bug Report
Myself and several other alliance leveling in the Hellfire Peninsula zone on Lightbringer were getting killed and camped by an 85 goblin mage from Echo Isles. NONE of us were flagged PvP. Apparently there is a glitch allowing this. Levelers beware. :(
Far as I know about this, it's not just a bug, it's now a Live Exploit since the Servers became fused in certain places. There are similar issues reported in the Beta MOP bug forums too.
Fact: Non Flagged are being targeted and killed by Flagged PVP players.
Fact: The Exploit is mostly with the Mage Class using Frost Bolt.

I'm a "Carebear" in the respects to PVP. I will sometimes target an Alliance to see who they are and sometimes share silly emotes, but that is as far as my interactions should go as someone who is not Flagged.

Today I ran across a PVP player from a different server which I cannot remember, that was from the Alliance Faction. Emotes were shared, and I went on my merry way thinking I could just go questing as normal. However the little Alliance Gnome Mage fired a Frost Bolt at my low level Druid and I was dead in one shot. I was on Moonguard when it happened, which is a RP Server. I was also not that far from Crossroads.

I'm not complaining, but as someone who is a faithful player through every patch and adapting, I personally think that perhaps fusing PVP servers to -other- pvp servers is a better idea, while Normal and RP servers have a higher rate of co existing player wise.
This whole fusing of servers is just absolutely dumb.
It's not cross-realm. It's a bug with mages and has been posted here.
This has nothing to do with xrealm. It's a mage bug. As a mage, you can kill players of opposite faction with Frostbolt on the same server even if they're not flagged. This doesn't pvp flag the mage either.
I dunno, the Alliance Mage I ran across when it happened to me was from a different realm. *Shrug* Either way a bug is a bug, and players are now exploiting it even if it isn't as others say cross realm. I'll wait patiently for a resolution.
Yep, just happened to me. Killed by a goblin mage. Was dead before I even knew what was happening. :(
This just happened to me as well. Was out in Durotar on my home server (Feathermoon), on my lowbie alt, unflagged, just chilling there, this 85 alliance mage from Kel'Thuzad server just comes up and 1 shots me with frostbolt. Lovely.
I almost want to try this but I don't want to be glitching or exploiting anything, yet it sounds so much fun.
If I remember correctly from reading the beta bug reports, this was caused by frostbolt being a heal on the pet - and it mistakenly allowing frostbolt to be cast at anyone as a result.

I thought it would've been fixed, but apparently it's still an issue.

I'm surprised there isn't a similar issue with penance and death coil, both of which can also be used to harm or heal.
09/08/2012 06:05 PMPosted by Nanothermite
This whole fusing of servers is just absolutely dumb.

Yes, usually I support Blizzard's ideas and try to see the good in them, but I just haven't seen much good out of this at all.
I actually came to this forum to make a thread about this, since there was a Horde mage flying around Stranglethorn killing low level characters who were not flagged. I would have opened a ticket in-game if i thought there was even a slim chance it would be read in less than a week....
There is a bug where a certain class can attack non-flagged players. As far as I know it has nothing to do with cross realm stuff though.
Same on my server. Mage killing low lvl toons.
There is a bug where a certain class can attack non-flagged players. As far as I know it has nothing to do with cross realm stuff though.

It has to work with a Focus Macro. You can't just cast Frostbolt and expect it to happen as a Mage.

And yes, it has nothing to do with cross-realm, because you can kill/heal people on the same realm you are on.
There's been a mage earlier this eve abusing it to increase his HK count, and since he's not flagged himself, no one can retaliate

When he attacks flagged players, it flags him
yup same issue here, had about 5 mages sitting in durotar farming people. gets quite annoying
I actually just posted a message about this as well. I am on a pve server and an alliance mage just kept killing me over and over in eversong woods. Was quite annoying...
Happened on Aman'Thul with an Alliance Mage able to kill unflagged Horde players - made this post before I seen this one:

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