World/zones/textures/NPCs NOT loading/loaded

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Back in Hyjal again, this time NPCs showed up, but chat channel still repeats itself 4 times (including lines from other players) and even though I had the zone completely loaded, I'm finding areas in the zone are not loaded again.

I'm starting to suspect these issues may have something to do with the cross-realm play ability, simply because none of the capital cities are ever affected.

Oh and I should mention that lately, these zones that are not loading are also refusing me to mount flying mounts, even though I have the appropriate level of flying and license.
I am also experiencing the same issue described.

Only in "Phased" zones. Basically cant leave the major cities as it's too frustrating.
I am also experiencing the same issue described.

Only in "Phased" zones. Basically cant leave the major cities as it's too frustrating.

at least you have a better idea of what's causing it, for me, it's all zones all the time, with the exception of capital cities
Still having this problem. For me, it seems to be isolated to Burning Crusade maps, but I haven't fully explored Northrend, I don't think, so it could be a problem there too. I just know every time I go to Outland or, just now, Azuremyst/Bloodmyst, I have to spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour moving around incrementally until the game remembers "Oh, right, I am fully installed already."
I have the same problem and don't know what to do... WTB Blue!!!
My issue sounds similar. All the NPC's disappear and I can't find anything.It doesn't even matter what zone I'm in. Can't cast a spell, or even log out of the game! I deleted the WTF, Interface & Cache folders and I am not even running any add-ons at all!

This is ridiculous. Waiting for Blizzard to get back to my ticket..
Just a quick update, I found out about a series of steps to find and possibly solve this issue:

I myself am reinstalling the game from the disks because my internet is just too slow to download that massive patch, took a week for me even at 100kb+ speeds.

Hope this helps since blizz is doing good enough to ignore this problem
Same problem ... im updating my gpu driver right now. im hoping it will sove the problem
can someone help me, i was playing just fine today, then i logged out for a few hours came back and now no npcs will load. also i don't see other players and some of the things i know should be i don't see, like buildings and such. I've reset my net and my computer and deleted cache and wtf folder. I've disabled my addons and none of that worked. PLZ help
Yeah same it wont load other players in orgimmar and doesn't show most NPC, I faction changed my Demon Hunter. Since then I cant finish my class hall because it will not load the NPC
Holy mother of necro, batman!

Make a new topic if you have an issue, don't post in a topic that's over FIVE YEARS old!

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