Wow keeps disconnecting me from server?

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Macbain, are there many reports through General, Trade or Guild chat of disconnections on Greymane? I know that my guildmates will say they're disconnecting on Voice chat too, if there are server issues.
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No, apparently they don't
okay im tired of this issue. blizzard if your not going to fix this your about to lose like 1000 players of this issue. whats the point in playing if u cant play for moree than 5 minutes without disconnecting. think blizzard...THINK!!!!
Blizzard... ive been patient, calm, and level headed for 4 months (probably more)... But this is ridiculous! ive been a member of WoW for 7 years and i have no problems with the game, 4 different computers and still worked for me. Whats the problem? Why cant i log in to the game for longer than 5 seconds? Patch? Virus? Game download? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!!!??
Exhaile, if you haven't already, I'd power cycle your network, and flush the DNS cache. Please let us know how it goes, and we can work from there.
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Velnrak, it seemed to good to be true, but as you might have guessed it happend again. This time in a battleground. "DISCONNECTED FROM SERVER"
Been away from the game for a while because of life issues and now that I return hoping to have some fun I'm getting the same problem as the rest of these folks. It is getting annoying because I spent the money for the expansion and a new 60 day card and I'd like to be able to make use of them sometime in the next couple months.

So, I tried cycling my network and all that good stuff and nothing helped there. Even reset my cache...nothing...Get into game and then I get the same problem of waiting for about 10 to 15 second and then BOOM...back to log in screen saying I've been disconnected.
This is happening to me on Emerald Dream as well. My friend plays in the same house as me and he has no problems. We both run on a wired connection.

I get d/ced out of nowhere in both raids and BGs constantly.

I also have an authenticator.
im also having the same issues, i havent played since april, bought the expansion and a new game card yesterday, loaded and installed on my computer. i was thinking a good $80 well spent, and then im having disconnection issues and cant even play?!?

i am very disappointed, i have tried everything that has been on the troubleshooting guide, and still nothing.

not a very great thing to come back to the game to :(
The source of the disconnection may lie anywhere along this chain of connection:

Computer > Router > Modem > ISP > Internet > WoW Realms

Our support page can help narrow this down:

If you need more help, please list some network info, and we can narrow it down:

  • Wired or wireless
  • Firewall, Antivirus, and Internet Security software
  • Network card model
  • Router model
  • Modem model

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I can't even stay on for 5 seconds after logging into WoW, this all started happening after downloading a patch yesterday since i have not played in a few weeks, so before the patch, I had none of these problems at all.....
I've been having the same problem ever since 5.0.4. I've tried everything as well, and I haven't been able to play since the most resent patch. Any new suggestions other than deleting WTF, cache, etc?
- Wired
- Not Firewalled, Disabled Antivirus, No idea on Internet Security software
Network card model - N/A
Router model - Netgear WGR614 v8
Modem model - Ubee DDM3513

I believe this is one in the same issue. Start looking into this harder Blizzard... constant disconnects can't help resubs.
haven't played much in recent weeks due to real life. was able to play fine the last couple of days & all of a sudden today I can't stay connected for more than a couple mins.

I'm not using wireless internet & everything internet related on my computer works fine except for WoW.
After returning and buying pandoria and paying for a subscription i comeback to being disconnected every 5 seconds of playing the game.
after doing a path ping 5 total spots are 100% packet loss and so far after talking with a blizz support (who has been trying to help me but literally told me to do everything that is already mentioned on their support list site - can i work for blizzard now that i've done the training?) and him pointing me to my isp, who told me..

56 PM Michel: With UDP (Unreliable Datagram Protocol), used by many online games and streaming media applications, it is impossible to use any system tools to assess whether UDP packets are being lost: only the applications themselves have any knowledge of their network usage. The games or applications might tell you whether they consider they are losing packets.

Still waiting for a blizz rep to get back to me but this is really sad - after spending close to $100 dollars on your game to return to it - and now I can see there are A LOT of players having the same problems, I guess we really want some help so we can continue to play it. I will go back to other MMO's I play where I didn't disconnect every 5 seconds but I'd rather play wow. Just making it really hard for me to like it.
I've been having the same problems and it's definetly not on my end since all my other programs are still running fine. I've tried resetting the modem and router, restarting the computer, and flushing the DNS cache, if anything it's gotten worse... Internet's fine otherwise just WoW that's not working.
WOW I'm Not the Only ONE!!
I have a new Alienware X51 all decked out and Fast Internet and I'm diconnecting a lot. Like most of you I log in it could be 5, 10, or 1min before back to log in screen saying I've been disconnected! WTF. do know there are two wow player at my house and Im the only one with the problem if i log onto there computer I will have no problem at all can play all night if i wanted to. So is it just my PC??

Now this is what i have done Blizzard has asked me to send them MSinfo, DXdiag, 4 Tracert, and 2 Pathping's also to make sure you completely disable your Anti-Virus Service, make sure your ports are not being blocked by anything, ipconfig /release in the command prompt and ipconfig /renew in the command prompt, also Powercycling, disabling Background Items.. Now None of this helped ANYTHING someone did say "the only thing that stands out is that you may have some antivirus software that is not letting your WoW files run correctly" and we know that I have "completely disabled my Anti-Virus Service" so thats BS...

I have NO idea what to do now and by the look of it neither does Blizzard.
Good luck to you all, and I hope we can all enjoy a little wow time sometime soon!
One more thing!

None of us where ever having any problem until the new patch. So •Wired or wireless•Firewall, Antivirus, and Internet Security software•Network card model•Router model•Modem model
would have always been a problem. We where just fine before Pandora... Meditate on this!
there are two wow player at my house and Im the only one with the problem if i log onto there computer I will have no problem at all can play all night if i wanted to. So is it just my PC??

So •Wired or wireless

I would, in fact, see if there's a difference whether your Alienware X51 can stay connected wired or wirelessly. Is the other computer in your house wired or wireless? What kind of router do you guys use?
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