Xferred Back, LF a new home for MoP

Experience dating back to vanilla. Xferring my Warrior tank over soon as well. Just looking for a new home to settle down in and get ready for MoP.
Pst me in game or post on here.

Really looking for somewhere to become part of the core group.
Villians is currently recruiting people like yourself!

A little about us... We are mostly all around 30ish, married, with kids. We plan on raiding during MoP and clearing all the raids, but also plan on staying more casual (probably 2 nights a week instead of 4-5 nights) A group of friends decided that we were not happy in our old guild due to guild drama so we decided to start a guild of our own so that everyone could be happier in. Some of us have been together since Vanilla as well..

We currently have our recruiting wide open as we are a level 21 guild trying to hit 25 ASAP. So the more the merrier for the MoP expansion. If you are interested with raiding, which it sounds like you are, you might find yourself very happy with us. We are all very knowledgeable, friendly, and love to help guildies in need. Feel free to hit me up on here or in game.

Feel free to hit me up on here or in game. If I am not on feel free to search villians in the who tab and ask any of us for an invite!

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