*Reprisal* Recruiting Core Raiders

Good afternoon/morning/evening Kil'Jaeden,
Reprisal is a newly formed Guild that is now recruiting ilvl 385+ for our Core Raiders Team.

Who we are : Reprisal was formed by husband and wife "Zion" and "Katiarra". We are both tanks.

What we want to be known for: We aim to be a Guild which has all the makeup of what Guilds were designed to be. So many times we see guilds will hundreds of players but yet the only time dungeons or raids are ran together is when the "weekly" runs need to be met for exp. We do not agree with that at all. We want all of our members to feel like they are a part of a great Guild and for us all to from friendships and bonds. We are a small Guild but we are strong and define teamwork.

Type of players we are looking for: We want players who are into PvE and want to be known for being great. We are asking ilvl be around 385+ Also players who ENJOY doing things with their guild. To include raids on all zones, dungeons, pvp, and assisting low level players as the World of Warcraft is a big place. We want people who are willing to learn and put in the effort to become a great Raider.

Our Expectations: Simple, be outgoing, make friends, respond when people ask things in Guild Chat. No one likes to ask something in Guild Chat and then out of the 15 people online, no one responds...it starts to make that person feel as if they aren't important because they aren't level 85 or they aren't "cool" because they don't know as much as the next player.

We are currently 6 days old and have around 50 members, and are already level 6...without using the recent exploit :) Our members work hard and are active.

If you are interested in Raiding with us, our Raid times are as follows:

Tues - 630 - 930 Realm
Wed - 630 - 930 Realm
Thur - 630 - 930 Realm

All non-Raid days are used for dungeon runs and Achievements (We love achievements , especially the ones where we get mounts and/or titles)

PST Myself Zìon - Alt Code is 0236 - Co-GM
Katiarra - GM
Saafire - Officer
Falern - Officer
Pattreesha - Officer

Any of these people can assist with information and/or a Guild invite.

Happy Gaming Kil'Jaeden!
I'm interested in raiding with you guys, along with my resto shamy friend and possibly a hunter.
It'll be great if we can talk things over if you want.


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