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Guild Recruitment
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Lava is good for deep frying chickens.

Holy priests!!!

*returns to creeping on the alt run*
oh also this:

What on earth....

Someone call for a Mage?
Why can't mage's vendor food be something like a molten lava cake!
Hey Zal, can I special request cheesecake instead of the normal mana cakes?
Because molten lava cake is too sweet!
It would be perfect for Cataclysm though!
I guess for MoP it would have to be a Moon Cake
I would very much love to get my hands on a tank.

...or a mooncake.

...or some cheesecake.
In all seriousness...

We need you!

Seeing Paragon go 10-man is a let down. I will not let that happen!

Find us, apply, level to 90, be ready, and join us in smiting evildoers everywhere!
A Brewmaster would be a beautiful thing.

Who wouldn't want to be healed by me?
Looking for a priest healer!
Monk TANKS!!!
Lia doesn't ever look for anything that I am. I guess I'll just post something random.
Hey now, I'd love some Fried Boomkin!!

Let's go tank!
i have a 8/8 heroic 10 % nerf kill on my druid my druid is a hybrid i know all aspects and have played beta extensively i had 1 of the first few beta keys if intrested hit me up via real id mark_brinkley@yahoo.com

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