DMF Rabbit?

Last I heard he spawned on Sunday and hasn't been seen since.

Anybody confirm?

I missed the first spawning and really want to try and kill him this week before MoP in the next group.
I would like to know if he has spawned again as well.
Bugged spawning from what I've heard.
Just died at 12:26 server as I'm typing this
You're such a nerd Demo.
09/06/2012 01:17 PMPosted by Newmage
You're such a nerd Demo.

Says X-files ringtone.
Thanks for the info. Demo. So, was that the 2nd spawn, or are there some unheard ones?
2nd apparently - Guess I'm camping all weekend. Was asleep.
Nope at least the third it went down at about early Wednesday morning. Crazy damn rabbit running all over the place! Was a fun kill.
09/06/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Ðemolition
You're such a nerd Demo.

Says X-files ringtone.

My X-Files ringtone is gnar, and you know it.

*Above post deleted because I quoted your other post, and I'm too high to have thought about just editing it vs. deleting.
It also spawned Wednesday around 6am ST.
Sure was fun logging into it being killed by entirely different server.

What the hell Blizzard.
I think the realm phasing is "working as intended" ;)
Proudmoore got it down to 42% until some derp from dragonmaw got jelly and decided to taunt it, causing a wave of unnecessary problems.

gg blizz
What was his name, I'll be sure to thank him for delaying the Bunny kill :)

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