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Hey guys! As Cataclysm is drawing to a close, I know that we are all preparing for what Mists of Pandaria will bring to our server. And you may be thinking, “Where am I going to go for MoP? What guild would provide me a great levelling/progressive/casual/talkative/helpful environment? WELL bros! Maybe the answer lies below.

Omertà is a level 25 Alliance guild, and we are currently trying to recruit raiders for MoP progression. In Cataclysm, we ran two core raid groups, one on weekdays, one on weekends, and we completed 8/8H modes with a full guild group. We are currently accepting any class and spec, as at the moment we are trying to figure which raid times work best for our guildies, be you involved in either school or work... or both! In addition, Omertà is always looking for friendly, casual players to contribute to our laidback and positive guild atmosphere.


For Mists, all of our members will have the opportunity to earn their place in our raid groups. We value guild participation, punctuality and especially the attitude of all of our raiders. We want collaborative, level-headed members to join us in weekly Group 1 raids, and perhaps if we have enough interest we will consider starting a second core group like we have/had in Cataclysm. Of course, if your real life schedule fluctuates and you are never suuuurreeee about whether you’ll be available every raid day, we also value tentative raiders who are willing to step in if we have a raid opening!

A couple things to consider about Omertà:
  • Our guild will not make you jeopardize your real life priorities in order to be online. We understand this is just a game, but if you plan on not showing up we do appreciate notice. Courtesy. Courtesy. Courtesy. Please ^_^.
  • We do not tolerate guild drama. None. Why would we bother spending time with people who just cause our guild problems? NUH, peace to that.
  • We enjoy learning, exploring and sharing the game with each other. If you need a new home for the arrival of pandas, Omertà will greet you with a hearty hello. 
    Ask for an invite today... Just tell them Ash sent you!

    edit: Updated guild progression.
    edit2: Updated guild progression.
    lol! Perhaps, Mr. Sapienrex. I vaguely (yet vividly) remember us being in the same guild on another server not too long ago... and us having a grand ol' time together ;p.
    If only we could repeat those good times united under a similar guild name!!!11

    We have fast levelliiiinnnnnggggg... and cupcakes <3
    What about pancakes?
    Those are included in the VIP Welcome Package of course!
    To the top!
    I dps like a truck and i approve this message
    I approve your approval!
    I approve of your approval of my approval
    I approve of that ^
    to the top!
    i'm loooking for a good guild but my days and hours are pretty strict so please post when you figure out your raid days and times
    I will, Egnahc!
    We are thiinnking 10:00 servertime Tuesday and Thursdays to start off with, but I will post a definite raid time when we figure out what works for everyone!

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