5.4 PVP Stat Guide

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This thread is incredible, thanks everybody.

good times might as well check them out
So should Prot Warriors stick with the Malevolent gear instead of the Tyrannical since Malevolent has higher amount of Resilience?
So should Prot Warriors stick with the Malevolent gear instead of the Tyrannical since Malevolent has higher amount of Resilience?

I would switch to the Tyrannical, the extra resil on the Malevolent does not make up for the huge loss of primary and secondary stats, including Stamina.
Hey I have been trying find out about ret pally stat priority but so far everything shows PvP power then Strength. So I wanted to find out if it would be better to gem PvP power only or go Half and Half?
I hate PvP Power so much... :-P
Update for 5.3 Eldacar. With PvP gems being halfed, should I now go STA?

Well, not that it matters much since tanks aren't welcomed in RBGs anymore. :(
Also curious on how to gem my tyranical set now... I would appreciate an update!
Also curious on how to gem my tyranical set now... I would appreciate an update!

Just go with PVE stats. PVP stats are borderline worthless at the moment. Gem blue sockets for agility+pvp power to get socket bonuses. Other than that, just go Agil for red sockets and Agil+best secondary stat.
This threads new title should be, "PvP Power and Resilience Guide 5.3 - LOL"
Make sure when you update this guide to include how bad PvP power is now, which means you replace everything except tyrannical pieces, anything that breaks pvp set bonuses, gloves, weapon, or pvp CC trinket with LFR gear.
Why didnt 85s get the 65% Resill
Looks good, but I found a typo.

****NOTE: This guide written for level 90 players, many of the concepts will still apply at 85 and other levels but the numbers and scaling will be different!****
That isn't a typo. "Is written" is the correct form. Written is an adjective. Meaning it describes it.

You wouldn't say "That car big". You say, "That car is big".

You wouldn't say "The sky blue" You say "The sky is blue".
5.3 basic Resilience has changed to 65% from 40%.

"The formula to calculate damage reduction from resilience in patch 5.2 is:
Reduction % = ((11724*0.4)+x)/(11727+x)"

I tried to contact Eldacar@Boulderfist but he didn't played game since March.
A new formula for 5.3 needed.

I'm asking for anyone who knows relation of resilience rating and resilience percent.
Or let me know how to calculate it.

Calculating effective health by sta and resilience rating and their comparison are my goal.

It is good to post a new article on the forum, but e-mail me also better due to I am not a US realm user.
This reply posted by a nice helper who has played US realm.

I believe the 5.03 reduction formula is pretty close to:

65% + 35% * resil / (resil + 23200) Edit: Use 23129 instead.

That is probably the form of the equation. The 23200 may not be exactly right. Most people don't have a lot of resil, so it isn't easy to verify. I think there is a trinket that gives 10k resil in Krasarong Wilds. Somebody could use that to confirm the formula at high Resil levels.

That 23200 number is large enough that I don't bother to gem for resil any more.

Edit: I checked 9 resilience values. Using a value of 23129 and rounding to nearest 0.01% matches the character sheet for all but 1 (at a resil of 10000, char sheet shows 75.57%, but formula gives 75.56%). If you change that to 23128, 10000 resil works, but both 400 resil (65.59%) and 600 resil (65.88%) get rounded values that are .01% higher than shown on the character sheet.

Displayed character sheet values: (resil: dr)
200: 65.30%
240: 65.36%
400: 65.59%
600: 65.88%
1695: 67.39%
10000: 75.57%
10200: 75.71%
10400: 75.86%
10600: 76.00%
You know a game is failing when well into a new patch, old patch info is still top of the forum.
Edit: The main post has now been updated for patch 5.3, sorry for the delay in getting it out folks! As always if you have any suggestions or notice any errors please let me know.

Erdluf, thank you for putting in the time to find that formula, I really appreciate it. I did find however that I was able to get a pretty much dead-on match by editing the 5.2 formula to the following:

Reduction % = ((23100*0.65)+x)/(23100+x)

Unless Blizzard comes out and tells us we will never really know what is under the covers of the game, but both of these formulas seem to give close enough estimates for our purposes.

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