Avast! No Pants Pirates, recruiting for MoP!

Arrr, Avast ye Scallywags! We've come to the forums to seek out good humored souls to join our crew! Our leaders be Saviors, Firelords and Dragonslayers, ready to continue our pantless domination of content in the upcoming expansion!

We currently be openin' recruitment to all classes and specs on the vast Stormrage (US) server. While anyone who be likin' the life of a pirate is welcome to join, those who wish to raid in MoP we prefer to be similarly experienced in heroic content.

Arrr raid days will be Wednesday/Monday/Sunday evenings from 7 pm - 11 pm Eastern. Check back often as we be updatin' more in the future ye' lazy yellow-bellies! To contact one of us simply be postin' here, or contact us the following ways:

Arrr webpage be' at http://no-pants-pirates.wowstead.com where you can take a look around, see what our guild be' about, and how we will be approachin' MoP the first week to prepare for Mosh'gun Vaults. Feel free to drop us an application there if you like, but we welcome you to contact us online or on our server.

Server: Stormrage (US)
Shibolt/Zaelor - Captain - Battletag: Shibolt#1864
Terps/ßabaßooey - First Mate - Battletag: kPlicious#1440
Arrr, bump for updates ye' Scallywags!
Arrrrr me 'earty.
Drink up me 'earties... come join us for countless pant-less brigades!

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