Patch 5.0.4 Professions Issues

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Kregore no understand.

Why Kregore able to make 5 copies of Copper Bars on pane when opening and closing?

Why Blacksmiths still can't learn recipes from older specializations?

Completely agree with Mr. Kregor. Blacksmithing lost its specializations expansions ago and many threads were created asking for them back and while it was stated they may come back, that was a long time ago.
If you can fix the issues Alchemy is encountering, could you see to bringing back the various weaponsmithing patterns? Those were some awsome looking weapons that would see a great resurgance thanks to the transmogg. feature.
Wow, it only took 9 days to address the alchemy bug issue i'm very impressed, and yet just wait 3 more weeks lol.
09/04/2012 08:23 PMPosted by Brennvin
I'm a household name 0=
Regarding the Alchemist bug - People saying it's only a couple weeks, so no big deal have no clue. It's the difference in spending a reasonable amount of gold on a current commodity item vs. blowing extremely valuable cool downs and spending thousands of gold on an extremely rare item. There is no farming extra mats right now when it requires items that are not in game.

Consider it this way, take your favorite crafting profession and in order to complete a quest on it you have to wait until Mists and then take your first 5 purples and then turn them in to the trainer. Otherwise you will not get maximum benefit out of your profession for however many months you need to wait in order to afford to do that.
This is really annoying. I have a Mage alt that I have been working hard to get her to Level 75 to train the rest of her Alchemy and then do the Potion Master stuff so I could get that done BEFORE MOP! NOW I can't. Thanks a lot. Not only that but the quest that you had in the game was asking for MOP Flasks that probably will take a while to obtain the mats and skills to even begin to make them. I rarely complain but this one is a big pain for me. PLEASE FIX IT AND PUT THE OLD ONE BACK IN THE GAME!!
are you aware of the current bug in all professions and skills. Sometimes when I enter a new zone, it tells me I've learned new skills.

"You have reached 525 in First aid"
"You have gained the skill, 2H Maces, skill level 1"
"You have learned the language "common" at level 300"
"Your skill in daggers has increased to 1."


And everytime it does this, I open... lets say... the cooking menu. It now shows duplicate recipes. It looks as if I've learned to make every recipe more than once. One time I appeared to know how to make 5 Seafood Magnifique feasts, each of which were the exact same thing.

This bug does not appear to hamper the ability to craft anything, but it is VERY annoying. -,-
I've been leveling first aid on my alts to prep for long have heavy and dense embersilk bandages healed for the exact same amount?
The weapon chain bug is tolerable but the alchemist one is unacceptable.

At least they're being honest that they just don't really find it important enough to do anything about it for a month though.

Oh well, at least we have all this interesting new content to keep us busy in the mean time though.. Oh wait...
i would first like to say that mistakes r the human condition and this game was made my humans.that said, a human of true conviction identifys there mistakes and fixes them.i just came out of a bg where the top 5 players were all frost should we all be playing frost mages because for some reason blizzard wants to turn a blind eye to them? i think that would become boring really quick,frost mages have always had some sort of special place in the hearts of blizzard programers but when does ur convictions come into play ? when we all say we have had enough and leave? i would hate to see it come to that ,but then that might be the answer to truly make the powers that be listen to the customer.
This is ridiculous and unacceptable. I am in the same boat as some other people, I was leveling Alchemy on an Alt I had the quest for 4 Truegold, I made 2 of them, suddenly I am required to make 4 Living Steel, a recipe I can't even learn till level 90, which I can't start grinding till Sept 25th.
The bugs don't bother me, but the intended alchemist change does.
It's another example of creating a reason for players to not bother with old content.
That might be ok, but that decision conflicts with the repeated statements about getting players out and exploring Azeroth again.

Which makes me wonder again: Why bother with leveling at all? Why not just let people check a box picking what level they'd like to play for that login session?

For example, sometimes I would really like to play through the level 40 - 55 dungeons and quests, but to do so requires hours over days of time investment just to reach 40, and then before I know it I'm leveled through it, and right now there's no option to go back.

Often, it would be great to just zap to a desired level to re-experience certain content.

But then at other times, I really want to enjoy leveling by spending more time at each individual level... by making it take more XP so I can actually skill up professions to make use of crafted items, and to explore the quests, dungeons and rewards at that level without it all being obsolete so quickly.

I know about the 10g XP pause, but that's not really in the spirit of what I am asking... if that's the best option possible, the make it a free check box that we don't have to waste time traveling and paying for.
I am trying to finish archaeology before mists. Since the patch, I only get 1 skill up pt for each discovery, including rares. (Just found the fossilized raptor and went from 503 to 504.) My skill level at the patch time was 500. Not sure whether this is a bug, or the way it will be within mists.
09/04/2012 08:23 PMPosted by Brennvin
We apologize for the inconvenience these may have caused.

Don't apologize. Make it right. It would take your GMs a minute to field a ticket requesting to remove the cata-appropriate mats from our inventory and credit our character with that specialization. This effects enough people that you should be OFFERING to do this, not having to be asked to repeatedly. By contrast, it effects so few people that choosing to make it right will not bog down your GM services.

So again, don't apologize. Make it right. Think of it as good customer service. You'd like to offer good customer service, wouldn't you? Because "it'll work itself out soon" is BAD customer service. Everybody makes mistakes; It's how you address them by which you should be judged.

Make it right.
My Question is why do you need to Pay to relearn dense embersilk bandage . When i paid to learn it once to get to 525 first aid this is bull Blizzard don't just hand me gold . And when you put a ticket in about this it takes them 3 to 5 days for them to get back to you then when your online it comes up Gm wants to talk to you open it up and no one is thier and then it tell you they will send you a ingame mail and there is no answer to your question just tell you to come what the hell why am i paying 14 dollars a month .
Currently, my blacksmith is unable to socket his bracers and gloves as they are "not ilvl 416" this is really frustrating. I understand the preparation for MoP, but we are not in MoP as of yet... Personally, I would like to see some of these addressed before MoP, but I dont think I will hold my breath.

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