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Pendragon of Proudmoore is a long-standing, mature, diverse, and well-organized guild that strives to create an enjoyable atmosphere for guild members and fellow adventurers on our server. We are a mid-sized team (100+ players) with a membership that includes husbands and wives, students and professionals, gays and straights, military and civilians, and people from all parts of the world. Our dedicated core of guild leaders (guild council and advisers) manage day-to-day guild administration and ensure a respectful and fun atmosphere for everyone!

Our members have access to vent, mumble, a comprehensive website, guild bank, and repairs.

Pendragon is specifically recruiting mature, friendly, dedicated, and helpful players (21+). While Pendragon has several raiding and PvP teams, we ultimately identify as a social guild where our members work together to complete five-person dungeons, events, and quests. Since raiding space is limited, members are not guaranteed a slot on a team; however, since raiding is a member driven activity, anyone is able to create their own structured team with the assistance of our officers! Our existing teams range from casual to progressive.

Ideal applicants will be respectful of our guild diversity, helpful, and dedicated to their raid team - should they join one. Leadership opportunities are available to members after a period of time within the guild!

Pendragon strives to maintain a "small guild" feel by asking applicants to complete a detailed application through our website (www.pendragonguild.com). Incomplete or inappropriate applications will be declined.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to visit our website or speak with an officer in-game!

(Pendragon is a GLBT friendly guild)

Recruitment Officer for Pendragon

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