[H] Eternium 8/8H LF Late Night MoP Raiders

We are currently looking for healers and dps for our core group.

Raids times are Wednesday,Thursday, and Sunday 11pm-2am server.

1. Must have at least 6/8h experience this expansion.
2. Must be willing to take a joke. We like to have fun while we raid and poke fun at each others expense.
3. Must show up to raids. All we ask for is 3 hours of your time, 2 days a week, which isn't much. Things do come up and we understand you missing a raid here or there. Multiple misses will get you replaced.
4. Know your class/specs inside and out. Mop is coming at the end of the month, and even though there will be class changes on release, there is plenty of time to really get to know your toon.
5. Be ready to experience new challenges and wipe away in MoP! It's new material and bosses aren't one shot when progressing.
6. Again, be able to take a joke and have fun!

If you are interested, contact me in game. I am on nightly, 11pm-2am.

Real ID: fiddlegarren19@hotmail.com
BattleTag: TripleP#1655

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