Doing another 8/8H Dragon Soul run on my DK

Doing another 8/8H Dragon Soul run on my Alliance DK. Remeber, Dragon Soul is cross-realm now. My main is:
Strict requirements: 400iLvl, working mic, multiple 8/8H clears (on any toon), and can stay a minimum of 3 hours. Please make your comment as elaborate as possible if you want to be seriously considered for a spot. This includes which toons you would bring, your experience, armories, or logs. Loot will be Master Looted and I will ensure the loot is spread evenly. If you already won something, you will lose the next roll to someone who has won less than you. I will start the run as soon as the group is full. Probably within the next 30 minutes to one hour (by 3pm Pacific = 6pm Eastern). Please ignore the time stated in this openraid, I just didn't want it to expire before we fill.

Please sign up at:

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