<Optimus> LFM 2k+ Players

Hey Guys =)

<Optimus> is Recruiting all Exceptional PvPers for MoP, We Currently Run Bg Premades and World PvP, We did do Arenas but Season is finished :'c but looking forward to MoP! :D

We're looking for alot of 2k+ players for our core RBG groups in MoP to reach our 2.2k+ Status:)

We would love to have more RBG leaders to make there own groups within the guild with there IRL friends or just Randoms from the guild:)

We do not use Vent, Skype only it's much easier to use and u dont have to press a button to talk

Guild Rules:
1. No Trolling! But funny trolling's allowed nothing hurtful, Unless you call Bubbelol fat thats only hurtful thing allowed in guild chat
2. Please have a good computer if you're in the core RBG groups, we do not want DC's During Games
3. Read what i just wrote <3

To get Hold of me, Feel free to Pst any of my chars in game for more info on what we're planning on doing in MoP or what we want from u :)
Bleedzlol, Carbs, Donnuts, Bradadin :)

-Bleedzlol xx
Qonnect its Carbs:), if you arent trolling me then sure u can <3

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