<We Might Be Raiders> DS HM/Mount Sales!

Area 52
We are a 25m guild that is currently offering a full 8/8HM DS run, plus the Heroic Madness mount (will be <1% drop rate come MoP), plus any gear all for 125k! OR just full heroic run plus the Life-Binder's Handmaiden for 100k. Our runs take place on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. server (EST), but we do have two alternate 10m runs that takes place on Mondays or Fridays at the same time.

With the run being a 25m, 5+ pieces of gear drop from each boss, and so if you're specifically after one piece, you will be much more likely to get it. Granted it's not a 100% guarantee. All tier tokens are included, as well as the clusters for any Rogue! Whisper me or Moboborson in game, or reply here for more information.

We have been selling these runs before, and last night we cleared in just under 2 hours with 2 buyers since 2 drakes drop. As such, we won't bring 2 people that would have a conflicting interest in loot and would make sure to spread them out between runs/weeks. We are looking forward to speaking with any potential buyer!

We Might Be Raiders
25m Runs:
Wednesday, September 12 - Booked
Wednesday, September 19 - Booked

10m Runs:
Friday, September 14 - Open
Monday, September 17 - Open
Friday, September 21 - Booked
Monday, September 24 - Open
bump for updates
To the top!
Still an open spot for tonight
Only 2 spots left available!
One spot still open for tonight!
bump, still some openings left. come get your drake before it gets nerfed down to 1% drop rate!
Many happy collectors sold to so far, spice up your mount collection!
would u accept a magic rooster egg as payment?
Last run available MONDAY 9/24 @ 11pm EST. This run will be going for 150k as it's our last set of alts and it's the last day of 100% life binders.
2 Spots available tonight @ 11:00 PM EST.

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