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Area 52
Elysium is currently looking for one more exceptional player to fill our roster. We have a great player base which is being held down by the inability to fill our roster. If you want to be a part of a guild who has a bright and successful future ahead, you should not look past us, but rather take advantage of this opportunity.

All raid spots are competitive - throw in an application if you feel you can compete with our roster.

What We're Looking For: (Looking for a melee dps // Heals with dps Off spec)

High Priority
Paladin - Holy - W/ Dps Off Spec
Shaman - Resto - W/ Dps Off Spec

Our current progression is 1/6H Mogu'shan Vaults and 3/6 Heart of Fear.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 9pm - 1am EST
Please be able to make all of these times!!

If you are interested in joining or have any questions contact myself in game via whisper or mail. If you'd rather just put in an application on our website(below), please do so. If for some reason you cant get a hold of me, please give me a way to contact you and i will as soon as possible.

My BattleTag is Cojo2929#1199

Elysium52.wowstead.com is our website

About Our Guild

Elysium is a collection of like-minded individuals set on exploring endgame content in World of Warcraft. We try our best to combine very high standards of play with a pleasant raid environment and a guild structure that allows our players to maintain commitment to the game as well as real life. We consider ourselves Semi-Hardcore because off our casual schedule; 3 days a week with a total of 12 hours in raid. Don't be fooled, we take raiding seriously and are very dedicated. Everyone that comes to a raid with us should be prepared to put effort into doing well.

We are looking for dedicated and reliable individuals who aren't afraid to commit to the guild. This means you come to our raid prepared and do whats necessary on off days to help the guild as a whole via farming or whatever it may be. If you are a person who doesn't enchant gear, work for upgrades, use consumables, min/max on fights, or you complain about respec/repair costs or anything of the sort we aren't the guild for you, please don't apply.

We know our classes to a T and expect the same from all applicants. We have experience and knowledge of all classes and raid roles. Knowing the roles of the individuals around you is just as important of knowing your own role.

All applicants should be aware of this coming in. We know there will always be a learning curve, but players that put a halt on our progression on a consistent basis will be replaced on progression fights by someone who will not halt our progression. We recruit with the idea that raid spots are competitive. New/prospective members will have the opportunity to earn a raiding spot over anyone who is currently a raider in our core group regardless of class or seniority. This ensures our raiders continuously perform at a level that is their best, yet still provide motivation and hope to new members. We believe outstanding effort and game play should be rewarded.
I approve this message.
I am still approving this message! :D
The website has been updated multiples times today to list our recruitment needs and policies. Thank you in advance for your interest in our guild!

Recruiting an Offtank, 1 melee dps as well as 1 ranged
Balance Druid or Mage GO
Still recruiting exceptional raiders!!!!!!!!!
We are looking for a resto shaman, holy pally, or resto druid to fillour ranks
Any shammy or druid heals out there???
Updated. Looking for a tank and Mdps
This tank won't stop hiding from us!!
Looking for recruits
Looking to fill our roster
To the top
Bump for that OT and RDPS!

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