<Elysium>1/6H MSV 3/6 HoF Recruiting

Area 52
We want a good tank, so if you ain't good. don't bother apply to us. We don't want our time to be wasted nor do we want to waste yours!
But I'm in the guild already so its not wasting my time >_>
Bump, a couple people havent worked out so we still have room for RDPS and an OT.
Bump. Working On That HoF Tonight. Come Tanks!!
Looking for exceptional applicants asap
Looking for exceptional applicants
Bumb to the top for people!
Bump for people to see!
Updated recruitment
Bump for the curious minded folk looking for an awesome guild.
We are 1/6H 2/6 progressing on HoF and hope for a full clear next week (in 2-3 more raid nights). This would be so much easier if an exceptional DPS, preferably a rogue, or at least a melee would join our core. As while we may have made decent progress pugging 1-4 people since the opening week of MSV, it would be much more enjoyable if we recruited our final member to solidify our raid team!

Visit Elysium52.wowstead.com to apply. There is also contact information in the original post if you'd like more information. Come check us out and see if we're a good fit for you!
Still looking for exceptional DPS
We are really looking forward to clearing HoF this upcoming week! Any exceptional DPS or heals with dps os that would like to join a guild and progress on content?? We want to pug that last spot...no more!
Come on and try us out!! We are 3/6 HoF as well now.

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