[H] Goliath Recruiting PvP players for MoP

Goliath is a brand new guild that is looking to build up its ranks for MoP. We are looking for mature people who are willing to learn and grow as a team. Although individual focus on PvE or PvP will be important to us, we plan on initially focusing on High-End PvP as a guild. I will personally be leading most of the PvP endeavors but will always encourage others to start up at times that fit their schedule the best. Together, we will form a guild that is open-minded to all play-styles and is focused on success without the drama and unkind behavior that so many guilds fall pray to.

Personally, I believe we are best fit for those who are looking to re-invent themselves in MoP. We are open to new players, new transfers, those who wish for a new guild, or a small guild looking to merge to a more serious play-style. My own toon is one that has very little play time and I am also new to the server. However, this will be my only toon in the upcoming expansion and I will be giving my full effort to those I play with.

Currently Rated BG times are not set in stone but it will likely be two nights at opposite ends of the WoW week. For example: Thursday and Monday are the most likely days to avoid patch day glitches and to give people time to arena before hand if they wish. Rated BG times will be around 8:30 till 11:30pm (server time).

Arena teams can be chosen by each individual but guild supplies will be reserved for in-guild Arena Teams. They can be run on the player's own schedules as well.

We will also be offering less serious runs, most likely on a nightly basis if there are enough bodies to do so. These will be just plain random BGs and focused on trying new specs, grinding honor, and just plain having fun. (Drinking encouraged).

You can apply at goliath.guildlaunch.com

If you have any questions about the guild before you apply, please do not hesitate to contact me in-game through whisper or in-game mail.

Thank you for your time!

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