Good 7 Man premade from Fmourne Horde

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Please tell me how this is you killing me on TB main battle island and not out front of your base with Krauxx, Icy, Painkillah, Duidel and myself fighting you, multiple horde and guards?

I see that you have not accepted my challenge. Such a puss puss.

Jab Jab KTFO obviously have big @#$!s
Kaygo this is an example of you carrying Gilneas

Was good when you didnt rez for the rest of the game. You are an Arena Master why give up so easily, and you had fellow hordies from Frostmourne with you, no excuse to just quit.

Dennz was in blues at the time and nfi who the other guy was, as I openly admitted previously in this thread, you guys are p good when it's 5+v1

Even then, that doesnt save you half the time, or have you forgot getting smashed by me last time I saw you in game? When you tried to be a hero outside orgrimmar when your lil raid grp was killing guards and retards @ 4am

congrats @ being able to pull off something like this;
I can see your entire guild is deeply involved in this rivalry you've created for yourself. Perhaps we should have a jolly chat in vent to smooth things over, unless you literally say !@#$ every second word, in which case I can't be bothered.

Would you like that? I can be gentle.
09/05/2012 03:32 AMPosted by Waldø
In fact i would love to chat with you on vent so i can hear the sound of your squeeky voice on vent and crack up laughing.

Any other reasons why you'd like to chat? I'd hate to disappoint you. I'll be on tomorrow night around 9 ;)

Keeps getting schooled, must hurt the ego. His own screen caps prove his a puss puss.

09/04/2012 11:59 PMPosted by Mintii
Is that what this is really about? You spot a few players who put up a fight for once so you've decided you want to try and assert your dominance? Grow up. Stop littering the forums with your garbage and go flex in the mirror or something, flaunt your self esteem issues elsewhere.

In all fairness Mintii - I really don't see what is so wrong or egotistic with the challenge I've presented to your friend Kaygo. It really isn't asking much. I mean if I'm so horrible at this game - what has he got to loose? You can't just jump on here - spreading obvious lies about situations that never happened and not expect to get called-out eventually. This is my call out and the longer Kaygo puts this off the more of a coward he's appearing to be.

Funnily enough though it is indeed Kaygo who has been mad the fool here and not myself. Quite refreshing really, I mean considering you two put so much effort into making me look like fool and all.

**And no, for the record Mintii, I did not drop my "monocle upon writing this" I'm simply presenting my side of the argument in a civil manner - which I may add holds alot more ground than your friend Kaygo here.**

I'm looking forward to our ventrilo conversation tomorrow evening by the way!
Man, you guys are so good at trolling.

Oi, champ. Please remove the "qt" from your name before you post loser.
It's probably worth mentioning Kaygo has gone out for the night, and I've been at work and am also now going out.

It's not the challenge that's the problem, it's the fact you've already tried this crap on forums - It is possible to kill people in TB without making a thread. We're also not going out of our way to "make you look like a fool", we just do dailies every day (shock horror) and I happen to be a regular poster on forums since I have a lot of down time at work. Between that and you / Waldo frequently logging over to "troll" it's pretty damn hard to miss.

We're not spreading lies, I presented you with fraps footage before to try jog your memory. Through all that you still managed to make up situations despite it being right there in black and white. I don't know why you'd want to fight a holy paladin in their current state anyway, takes 10 minutes just to kill a spriest now if they don't want to die.
09/05/2012 04:19 AMPosted by Vengenzqt
Man, you guys are so good at trolling.

Completed almost every achievement ingame, qt on name. Certified Richard Simmons Fanboi. !@#$ and ty.

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