ilvl 392 frost mage LF raiding guild

hey guys,

I just transferred here from Nazjatar and have had many many guild invites, but I am looking to find one guild and stick with them. I ran my own guild in Nazjatar for years but the server died down to such a terrible point that raiding on that server was basically impossible.

I am looking for a casual guild but at the same time, efficient guild that knows how to relax, have fun, but gets their $hit done.

I have experience dating back to Vanilla. If anyone is interested, let me know here or in game.
Hey we raid tues-thurs 6:30/7-10:30 server time, we have been around since bc recently transferred here to sargeras to start new, this is how we raided in cata, we got !@#$ done but had fun too

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