Recruiting an exceptional DPS for core 8/8H.

Area 52
About us-

OLD TEN is a very small but very active raiding guild. Many of our members have been raiding together for 5+ years. We are all very close, and welcome any exceptional player to join our team. We transferred here from a dead server to meet our progression goals, and we are looking for highly motivated players to achieve this with.

Progression -
- Core group 8/8 Heroic
- Second group 7/8 Heroic

Recruiting requirements -
- Must be reliable. This includes showing up on time, being ready to go at raid time.
- Possess the willingness to learn and be patient while raiding. We will wipe, and we will wipe again. Our raid leader is able and willing to help and explain each fight, but he cant do it for you. Raid awareness is a must, as is knowledge of your class & specs.
- Must be a team player.

Openings for our core group -
(1) DPS opening- Hunter, rogue or boomkin os heals

Raid times -
Raids usually last approximately about 2.5 hours.
- Core group - Tuesdays/ Wednesdays and during progression some thursdays, depending on availability Start time 11:30 est.

We also run an alt group for those that have more then one raid toon. (but progression for core is top priority.) The second group will be formed soon after MOP launches.

Contact information -
Please feel free to contact us in game.
Kellivas - Guild Master
Karazi - Officer
Cerberus - Officer
Fiorano - Officer
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