Sandstone Drake keeps dismounting

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I'm just wondering if anyone else is having an issue with the Sandstone Drake randomly throwing people off of your back over various areas. It's only been happening since 5.0.4 came out and I don't know if it's just me or not. I can understand if they were in a different phase then me, but I can still see them when they get thrown off and are parachuting to the ground.
Passenger mounts will eject your passenger upon entering a new realm (read: not zone, realm, as in, server change). It seems there is some type of desync that happens for a brief moment when you and your passenger enter a new realm.

Its definitely related to this cross-realm nonsense, just another bug to add to THAT long list.
If you ask me I don't even like the cross-realm zones. I liked it the way it was where you had to make a character on your friends realm to play with them. It's just going to cause more problems for people trying to level when Mists of Pandaria comes out.
It was happening on the Beta as well.
I've had my Sandstone Drake disconnect friends from other realms who were riding on it once we entered a new zone. Pretty irritating. =/
For extra fun, try this in Outlands... a parachute means nothing when you fall into the abyss.
Has there been any blue updates on this?
09/03/2012 09:26 PMPosted by Karma
It was happening on the Beta as well.

Please please please please fix this! It's wasting my time and my time isn't cheap!
CRZ = Fail. These 2 player mount dismounts, and the forced dismounts (with no parachute and no warning) still happening despite their claim of fixing Wintergrasp.

This is shapoing up to be the feature that broke WoW. Whoever decided to roll it out when its this dang buggy, and right before a major X-pac, should be fired.
I can't speak for the ground mounts (the mammoth), because I don't have them, but this bug also applies to both the two-person recruit-a-friend mounts (the x53 touring rocket and the new obsidian nightwing cat). I was trying to show a new player around and he was thrown off my back between Darkshore - Felwood, Azshara - Orgrimmar and Orgrimmar - Barrens, Northern Barrens - Southern Barrens, Duskwallow Marsh - Thousand Needles, Un'Goro - Silithis, and in through areas of Uldum that were probably phased because I'd completed some of the quests.

While it sounds like my friend fell off between all zones, that's not actually the case. He was fine and stayed on my back from from the Barrens - Dustwallow and from Thousand Needles - Tanaris and Tanaris - Un'Goro. These zones were probably hosted by the same realm, though. I'm so glad he had a parachute, but there were still times were he landed and was one-shotted by mobs and I had to resurrect him and I was glad I was a druid.
I wish i could even get someone on my mounts the arrow shows up but that is all no one can even climb on too the mount!
Blizzard only tells me it is a known issue . I question that as i see players with two person mounts giving rides all the time and i see people mount a two person and fly off right next to me all the time as well .
And yes we are in a group and yes i have cleared all the folders like wtf and cache as well .'
I even tried this on 4 separate machines with same results!!!Will anyone help me!! cause blizzard will not i keep getting cut and paste answers form them when i put in a ticket !!
I have this same problem.. along with that whenever I fly across a zone border, my character will lag for a second and say things like, "You can't cast that spell yet" or in Chat it will say "You feel Normal" I also notice that whenever I cross a zone, or use a teleport, or enter any Instance, I lose 10% of my Health instantly.
When your dismounted you at least get a parachute....How ever today I forgot about the dismounting bug and tried to taxi on a drake from Hellfire to Blades edge mountain...because there is no ground between these realms I fell to my death and was placed at the graveyard in Netherstorm...being left with the options of running all the way from Netherstorm to Hellfire to rez or cop the 10 minute rez sickness...I took the sickness but wasn't happy and I'm still not very happy.

There is no i in "team" but there are 5 in "Individual brilliance"
I cant tell you how happy I was to FINALLY get the sandstone drake, only to have it dismount my passenger every time I enter a new part of the map!!!! this is silly whats worse is they cost a fortune to make!!!! as for someone mentioning the ground mount it works fine but then again I only use it on the timeless isles!
C"MON bliz get this one figured out instead of selling us retarded hitching posts!

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