Ursol's Vortex/Solar Beam macro(for easy pwn)

Very simple and probably already used by many, but I was getting tired of hitting hotkeys for both abilities and trying to coordinate the AOE aspect of Ursol's Vortex around my Solar Beam once I realized SB wasn't on the GCD and could be casted immediately right before UV

#showtooltip Ursol's Vortex (or just put "Solar Beam" after the space) [not necessary, just for aesthetics]
/cast Solar Beam
/cast Ursol's Vortex

As soon as you click this macro, SB will activate right over your target, and if you keep your mouse over that target while you click your newly formed macro, the heart of the Vortex will be right on your target.
Thanks so much for this macro! Very Helpful!
Be aware that you need to have someone targeted or SB won't be casted, only UV.

Since those two abilityes have the same CD time this macro it's actually a very useful one, having Glyph of Solar Beam makes it even better.
Works great! Thanks!

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