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Greetings, The Amaranthine Order, a guild formed by a group of MMO vets that met in SW:TOR, has gotten totally bored with that game and have decided to roll as a new guild on Saurfang and are looking to expand our team to tackle 25 man content for MoP. Our group has conquered all 8 man content on all difficulty levels in SW:TOR, had HM Soa on farm pre 1.2, and nightmare titles for EV + KP earned on our first attempts.

With raiding and guild leadership experience going back as far as EQ 72 man raiding, and with all of our members having been members of progression raiding guilds over the years, we are in a good position to have all encounters tumble before us. The ezymode nature of TORs content have made us hunger for more substantial faire, and only the most herculean of challenges will sate our appetite.

We are a skilled, mature group of players, our guild chat is smack talk free, and most of us think Joss Whedon is god. We talk crap with each other rather than fling it, but we're all adults so pretty much any reasonable conversation will be welcomed.

Our Raid times will be:
Thursday 8pm - 11pm
Friday 8pm - 11pm
Monday 8pm - 11pm

Must be ready to go at 7.45pm

Currently seeking Bal Druids ,Hunter, Ele Shm, Ret Pal, Warlock,1 heals (no pal/disc.

If you want to conquer MoP, and are looking for a group of skilled, mature gamers to shoot the breeze with while doing it, then I encourage you to apply at our web page, or contact any of our officers (Chiicho, Lolcleave, Grombrindel, Minibink) for a chat.

Bump for new members!
still looking for more members
bump, looking for more healers and DPS

Currently full on tanks, looking for a 1-3 more healers and a few DPS of any kind. We also have no shamans of yet, a single hunter and rogue, where are you all?!

Also sitting on 20 members, looking for 7-10 more.
We are now looking for Just a few DPS Shammys and Druids. Other exceptional applications will be considered.
Still looking for more dedicated raiders that want to part of a fun easy going community!

looking for a couple heals and ranged dps
bump, looking for a few more members to bump up the raid team

Still after a few more ranged dps and maybe another aoe heals

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