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I'm jumping into the foray with the MBP base retinal model - just trying to decide on the following, and see about experience from y'all:

8GB ram to 16BG ram = is it worth the added expense? Anyone running MoP beta on one and can you feel a difference with the additional ram?

2.3, 2.6, 2.7GHz = is it worth it to you? I will use the machine more for work than for raiding, and can't see a massive difference in game play that this would make but i need a Mac intelligent life form to walk me through it.

Side notes; MBP's last me a long time. I'll have this one for four years. I have a desktop I do most my my gaming on, that I adore. This machine is for work, travel with work, and sneaking in gaming when i am away from home.

Bump for a little MBP luvin...?
I was in the same boat as you. I had my old MBP for about 4...well, almost 5 years. I do a lot of video stuff and play some games on it (including WoW).

The 8gig is probably sufficient if you're not going to be doing any video or anything that uses a decent amount of system memory. I went for the 16gig / 512SSD, because of the video work I do and since upgrading memory isn't an option I opt'd to take the plunge and get it.

I mainly use my desktop for gaming, but sometimes I'll use my laptop if I'm away from home or something like that.

Also, the $200 student discount helped me solidify my decision...as well as, an $800 Apple Gift Card.

good luck
WoW, and really any other game out there at the moment, will never address as much RAM as you will have free with the base 8gb in the rMBPs. I recently upgraded my aging iMac to a mid-range rMBP (2.6ghz, 8gb RAM, 512gb HD) and am very happy with it.
Thank you for your feedback guys; Apple just dropped in the brand new MBP (June 2012) into the refurb area today, making my choice even more difficult since it's now a 2.6GHZ with 16gb ram and 750 hard drive for $300 less than the base 2.3ghz retina with 16GB upgraded ram... I will be traveling a lot in the upcoming year, and that extra pound does make a difference with the rest of the junk i carry, but then again, i wouldn't have to carry an extra hard drive. No, i don't do any video work, mostly email and database work, low res graphic files and a ton of photos.

...why did Apple do this to me...? *shakes fist*
Oops, i forgot to address the 'any other game at the moment...' comment. I've learned to think long term with my portables, since my Macbooks get a ton of use, and the Retinas are not upgradeable.

I'm currently leaning with going with the regular macbook, and upgrading to Retina in a generation or two.
I caved. With the student discount on the retinas, and the gift card, it was cheaper to get the rMBP than the refurbed MBP in the long run... now, to stalk the UPS guy.
It seems I will be buying a rMBP. I want to play wow at max settings (finally).

Can I play at max settings with the mid-range rMBP (2.6ghz, 8gb RAM, 512gb HD) and have a worry free experience for MoP?

Do you recommend a different 18 inch retina mac for WoW MoP at max settings?

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