[A-RPPvP] Blackmoon Sentinels: We're SAAILING

Moon Guard
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BAM. 90.

/falls over
Yay! Now, you get to do EVERYTHING else. XD
Hey, I'm excited to get back into arenas and derp around.

Also stoked to get to work on those monks.

We should do work H-side, though. Xeff wants to do drunken BGs over vent.
We should work on our Monks now.

...wait a minute.

Shhhhh. I'll catch up.
Ok, screw Pandaria questing for now.


I now have no issues with FDing in a failed dungeon pull. I don't need to be a healer to rez anyone!
Good job guys!
Yay we hit 25.
Best part about this time of night? My bed! Goodnight everyone!
So sami, we are selling the guild now?
Monk healing. I am so bored with it at the beginning levels, that I actually DPS until the tank is at half health.
Page three.

This is unacceptable.
I kinda want to make a panda now, but I don't know what class. I like them more than I thought I would. :D
Happy Birthday Bump for Samy-Sam!



It....wasalsoonpagetwo *cough*
Saved from page two
Up with you! Pallies are so OP!
10/06/2012 09:17 PMPosted by Kalaerin
Pallies are so OP!
Says the BM hunter.

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