Paladin macro question (mostly Seal related)

Is there a way to make it so when I cast Word of Glory it will damage (Harsh Word) while Seal of Truth is on and heal myself while Seal of Insight is on, and use Hammer of the Righteous instead of Crusader Strike while Seal of Righteousness is on?

Warriors have a way to do this via /<action> [stance:#] <ability>.

Now that Paladins have a quick bar for Seals, is there a way for paladins to do this similarly?

If not, I will be sad, but it won't affect me much. I just don't like using button modifiers (shift/alt/ctl/etc) to do these things when I'm using shift and alt for more important things.

*EDIT* After searching I finally found a related thread, but it didn't have any answers. Looks like I'll just have to sit tight for now.
Seals aren't considered stances, so [stance] modifiers don't affect them, and there's no other modifiers that do (macros can't detect buffs).

The best you could do would be to have a [mod:shift] modifier in there so that if you pressed the macro while holding shift (or alt or ctrl if you want) it'll cast the other spell. For example,

/cast [mod:shift,@player] Word of Glory; Word of Glory

/cast [mod:shift] Hammer of the Righteous; Crusader Strike

However, making it switch automatically isn't possible now.
I just use simple macros. Again, I don't like using button modifiers.

/cast Crusader Strike
/cast Word of Glory

/cast Hammer of the Righteous
/cast [target=player] Word of Glory

It'll have to do for now.
Those won't work. A macro will only cast one spell that's on the global cooldown. For Ret, CS, HotR, and WoG are all on the GCD, so the macro will only ever cast the first one it reaches (in this case, neither of those macros will ever cast WoG).
This should be a pretty simple quality of life thing.

Warriors, Druids, Death Knights, (and even Rogue/Priest) have been able to use the

/cast [stance:1] AbilityA; [stance:2] AbilityB; AbilityC

for a long time now. Should this not be available to the Paladins as well? Is there a balance reason why this should not be available?

In speaking with my Warrior friend, we did realize that there is a "zero stance" possibility for Paladins because we can click our Seal off in the bar. Could this be a reason for the problem?

Would love to see a developer response to this - I'd like to take a few buttons off my bar!

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