Safe Soulburn Soul Swap Macro?

UI and Macro
I threw together a macro for the new utility soul swap shares with soulburn to quickly throw out DoTs:

/cast Soulburn
/cast Soul Swap

However, it has a flaw. I had a target run los of me and the macro used soulburn and spend a shard for it, but soul swap was unable to cast. When the target came back I hit the macro again and it used soulburn once more, then soul swap. However, this cost me 2 shards for this error.

I tried a few /castsequence to fix it but nothing has worked so far. So outside of making a separate soul swap keybind is there any way to make a macro to avoid casting soulburn when soulburn is already active?
If you have a keyboard that spams a key when you hold it down instead of just sending the key once (you can always mash it), you can try using this:

/castsequence reset=2 soulburn, soul swap

The /castsequence means that the macro will keep track of it's position (having already cast Soulburn) so that when he does come back into LoS it will just cast the Soul Swap. The /reset=2 means that the position in the macro is remembered for 2 seconds after the "last time you hit the key", NOT 2 seconds after it casts SB. So you can switch targets to the other guy, or even hit a completely different macro as long as you go back and hit your SS macro in less than 2 seconds, which refreshes the timer. When the guy finally comes back into LOS it will cast SS.

thanks brym

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