Area 52
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The guy above me transmogs and watches every episode of Glee.
^^ bump cuz giggity rawks
Thanks Karazi!
Cynergee is baking cookies for new recruits. Best bakes in all of the kingdom.
hey do people that bump posts get cookies too? :(
Thank you for the bump. Your welcome to take a brownie.
join for good time and lifetime movie
it's almost story time!!!!! bump!
Now in 10 and 25 version! Weekdays and weekends! We got it all
Need a melee for the weekday 10 man team
This where the bumps go?
10/05/2012 08:55 PMPosted by Localh
This where the bumps go?

My bumps, my bumps, my lovely lady....

Don't judge.
lol nice!
Ranked 1225 in the world.
Need boomkin and ele shaman for 25 man weekend team.
Updated class needs. Need some ranged and a couple of healers.

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