[H] Last Call

Last Call
Level 25
25 Man Raiding Team


Raid Times : Wens and Thursday 7:30-10:00pm Server

A little bit about us. The majority of us have been raiding, or playing with one another across multiple gaming platforms for a long time now.Some for a period of a few years, others up to 4 years or more. We are a sarcastically serious, progression minded individuals. We are currently seeking a few more like minded individuals to bolster our ranks for Mists.

What we expect from our members.

- 2 Raiding Professions
- Come to raid on time, and prepared. ( Flasks, Food, Repair $, and knowledge of the fights ahead )
- Maintain near 100% attendance.
( We do not recruit for the bench, so your attendance is key )
- Tough Skin ( We can get pretty vulgar at times, lol. We all pick on each other, and at times will all pick on one person for no other reason than it's funny. )
- Competent knowledge of your class, and the inner workings of all specs you can be.

( There may come a time, at which hybrid classes are asked to Tank, or heal, or even dps. Should the need arise. Keeping an up to date gear set, and knowledge of your alternate specs is a high quality. )

Now, onto our recruitment needs.

Shaman ( Elemental, Restoration )
Druid ( Balance, Feral ( Gaurdian )
Paladin ( Holy, Ret, Prot )
Priest ( Holy, Disc, Shadow )
Deathknight ( Blood )
Warrior ( Protection )
Monk ( Mistweaver )
Hunter ( Open )
Warlock ( Open )
Mage ( Open
Rogue ( None )

Even if your class, or spec is not listed. Exceptional applicants are always encouraged to apply. If you have any questions, you can reach myself, Penetrated, Moxa, or Ivanhoe in game.
Updated with new recruitment needs.
Bump for new raiders
Bump for awesomeness.

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