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Fatal Union is a place for casual players who want to achieve end game progress, without the serious attitude that almost always comes with it.

Owned by a small group of friends, most of whom have a lot of raiding experience going back to the TBC and even Vanilla days, we understand that a lot of players like our selves, have busy schedules, therefore cant or simply don't want to commit all their spare evenings to the game, however, still want to see end game content and progress.

Some quick facts/requirements:

- Put the time and effort into your character, to improve performance
- Mature attitude towards the game
- Can knuckle down and get the job done when needed
- Friendly and social
- Not easily offened

In short, a guild for skilled and willing players who want a tight knit team with a casual and mature attitude towards the game.
Sound like something your after? /who Fatal Union in game.

god you get drunk one time in guild chat and log into all of your toons and they report you cause they think your a hacker

09/24/2012 09:13 AMPosted by Debriatus
I saw that. Trickster.
humpty bumpty
Shazam. You just got Skadoosh'd.

You look like you have quite a few hunters already, but I thought I'd say hi. :P I'm from Taiga, another very small guild mostly put together by real life friends. The guild has shrunk, but we used to be able to put together enough for 10 man normal modes.

What time(s) do you raid? When we were we've been doing it on weekday nights (Tues/Thurs) around 6pm server time for 3 hours. We are East Coasters. :)
Hes one of the best damn vegetables you could ask for :) Responsive, brings flasks and food to raid, high dps, and actually has more than just cats and wolves for pets! Need spell haste? Check! Need physical damage? No problem!

You should totally want him :)
Right now we are raiding friday and sat 8-10 pm server time. We are short 2 atm we have 8-9 able bodies to raid. But here recently we have been raiding on tues 7-10 server.

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